National Athletic received Deportivo Cali at the Atanasio Girardot to complete matchday number 12 of the Betplay League. Those led by Pedro Sarmiento managed to keep the victory and ended up burying the illusions of the ‘Azucarero’ team.

The first goal of the game came just 3 minutes into the game. A collective play took the Antioquians to the door of the Valle del Cauca team and Andrés ‘el Rifle’ Andrade was in charge of scoring the goal.

After that, things didn’t go very well for the de Máyer Candelo. The locals went up in pressure and handling the ball, while Deportivo Cali resisted with all their might. However, nothing was enough to avoid the other goals.

Atletico Nacional thrashed Deportivo Cali

At minute 12 of the commitment, a goal came again for the paisa team. The former player of Millonarios, Andrés Felipe Román, served a service to the edge of the area, with which Dorlan Pabon He took a ‘riflazo’ from his left leg and sent it to save at the bottom of the net.

In this way, I finished the first part of the game. Later, the local team kept looking for the match and found a new goal. By minute 61, Andres Felipe Roman He went from assistant to goal man and scored. Yerson Candelo assisted him to sentence the victory against Deportivo Cali.

Thus, Atlético Nacional led by Pedro Sarmiento managed to add three valuable points with which they entered the group of eight. With 19 units, the ‘Verdolaga’ squad hopes to continue adding to classify until the final home runs and fight for a new title.

Meanwhile, those of Máyer Candelo met again with the harsh reality of defeat. Despite the fact that they came from winning (2-0) against Deportivo Pasto, they again narrowed their chances of victory and now they will have to think about what is coming.