On Monday, Attorney Tony Buzbee took a subtle shot of Deshaun Watson. He and his wife mentioned the Texas quarterback in an Instagram post during their honeymoon in Greece.

Buzbee represented 22 women who filed a civil lawsuit against Watson, accusing him of sexually assaulting or harassing them during massages in 2020 and 2022. The Houston lawyer detailed his own 90-minute massage in which the woman “not felt threatened,” degraded, or uncomfortable in any way. “

“It’s actually good and relaxing-I fell asleep,” Buzbee said. “But please note that this is professional; I did not make strange requests, I did not dawdle on the table, I never completely took off my clothes, and I never acted like a powerful, lustful, teenage Boy. I’m also pretty sure that Tina, a massage professional, didn’t feel threatened, belittled, or uncomfortable in any way.

“Massage therapy is a legal profession, composed of trained professionals who strive to live an honest life. This should be the way it should be.”

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The allegations against Watson include allegations that he persisted completely nude or covered his genitals with only a small towel during treatment. The suit also claimed that he positioned or moved himself so that his genitals would come into contact with the female who was massaging him.

Watson initially Deny the charges against him. Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin also posted a Joint statement by 18 women Who massaged Watson, claiming that the charges against him are inconsistent with their experience.Harding later claimed that his client had sex with the woman who massaged him Mutually agreed.

The Texans will start training camp on July 28, but it is unclear whether Watson will report to training camp.


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