Audi Celebrate this 2022 20th birthday A legendary story that has become a brand myth, Audi RS 6. Yes, the first RS 6 was launched in 2002 on the second-generation Audi A6, codenamed C5. The German sedan is powered by a 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8 with 450 horsepower and is available in both sedan and Avant bodies.

There is no doubt that the RS 6 is a perfectly unique car. or almost perfect.Spacious, comfortable, powerful, with a large trunk that can A perfect tool for traveling as well as enjoying on the track. To be perfect, we just need to have a really good checking account, or a car (and fuel) that is affordable.Jokes and wishes aside, it seems that there will soon be a more performant version, a Audi RS 6 performance.

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Obviously, as published by the media engine 1citing German publications as sources wheel, who spoke to some of the brand’s managers. they said “You drive the RS6 C7 as Performance. We recently launched the R8 RWD as Performance, so you can be sure we’re going to follow the Performance strategy.“.

Audi RS 6

we remember, Audi RS 6 Avant ActualC8 generation, equipped with a Twin-turbocharged four-liter V8it produces a maximum output of 600 CV and 800 NmAlso, all this is accompanied by a 48-volt micro-hybrid system, which increases its CV by 16 times, especially DGT Eco Sticker for the Spanish market. Yes, the RS 6 with the eco-label.

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That said, the Audi RS 6 Performance should be slightly Aesthetic changes further add to its aggressive aesthetic. Contrasting elements on the bumper and sides, as well as a more differentiated interior are likely. In terms of performance, power is expected to increase, about 25 additional horsepower about.

Logic suggests that this RS 6 Performance will arrive, or at least launch, in 2022, coinciding with the legend’s 20th birthday.