Who is ready to enjoy weekend fun with some beauty care techniques? Let’s take a look at this week’s beauty with the Beauty Spotlight team!

Skin care tips

We have all heard of crow’s feet, laugh lines and frown lines. But when it comes to fighting wrinkles, most of us feel guilty for neglecting the neck and shoulders. Find out how to get rid of neck wrinkles, turkey neck and technical neck Barbie’s Diamond share it Neck lift without surgery.

Makeup skills

This Westman Atelier foundation brush Completely fascinated Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog. This incredibly soft, absolutely effective and cruelty-free paddle brush provides a perfect streak-free finish. Check out the full review to find out why this ultra-luxury brush is truly coveted.

the end Southeastern Midwest Cassie is reviewing and testing the third of five Beauty Bakerie lip glosses.Go see what she thinks Jellyana Lip Gloss.

Fashion tips

As part of her style reminder series, Angie on your real self blog Have a Daily style tips: How to look better in comfortable clothes. This advice is very suitable for leisure activities such as July 4th, and also for any day you just want to be beautiful and comfortable at the same time!

Cooking skills

It’s strawberry season, and Christine’s versatile recipe is in Cooking therapy Rich in flavor and micronutrients, it helps support glowing skin and happy waistline. Here is a little tip: eating locally grown fruits and vegetables in the season will bring us more health benefits. When our food must be transported and spent time in storage, the nutritional value will decrease. So, go to the local farmer’s market, Make a batch of strawberry jalapeno sauce Holiday weekend. It is actually very delicious and used as a base for strawberry margaritas. Perfect match in your glass, perfect match with blue tortilla chips on July 4th!


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