Ever wanted Become a rock star? The kind that is full of superhero energy, can dominate the stage and hypnotize the public? In the early 2000s, it seemed that every video game player wanted a part of the fantasy: joining the band to tour the world, playing the sold-out crowd, and being loved by fans.

Maybe they will also know every note and remember every lyrics.For the mass audience in the United States, this is the driving force behind the long-running popular series Guitar hero with Rock Band. But this week is the 20th anniversary of the birth of the turbocharged, crazy and weird cult classic.That game was in 2001 Gitaru, Developed by Japanese game studio Koei.

Gitaru Contains most of the style and over-design of other rhythm games in the late 1990s and early 2000s, including the quirky PlayStation classic games Rapper Palapa, Konami’s arcade feel Dance revolution, Even Space Channel 5, Sega Dreamcast exclusively talks about fighting aliens by distracting aliens through dance. Gitaru Choose a different instrument: guitar. It’s not just crushing. Guitar heroMakes you feel like a musician, but Gitaru Capturing the energy of self and existence This Guitar hero.


The game is pure Japanese game happiness. Gitaru It was released in Japan on June 21, 2001, and released on Sony’s PlayStation 2 console in the United States in February of the following year.It has received positive reviews from hardcore game publications, such as edge with Next generation, Who praised its energy, soundtrack and unique artistic direction. It almost immediately gained fanatical status, thanks in part to its raucous cover art.But in a year full of AAA heavyweights Metal Gear Solid 2, Final Fantasy X, with Silent Hill 2, Gitaru Slip down on the radar. Twenty years later, it came to the fore and became a symbol of the whimsical, fanatical, and rhythm-driven games of that era.


At the core Gitaru It is a young boy named U-1, a prototype of an all-around loser who was bullied by his classmates.It’s both a growth story and a revenge story, when Gitaru U-1 didn’t have many prospects at the beginning. However, soon, a talking dog named Puma offered to teach him to play the guitar. It didn’t take long for Puma to reveal his true intentions: he is “the last legendary hero of the planet Gitaru”, possessing the last Gitaru, a powerful, magical legendary battle axe.

If this is not strange enough, a wave of enemies immediately attacked Puma and U-1 using Gitaroo to counterattack. After the battle, Puma persuaded U-1 to join his team and fight against the Gravilla Empire that had occupied the planet Gitaru. The game will take you from a lonely boy to an up-and-coming interstellar hero in training-and get a legendary guitar in record time. In the process of trying to save the planet Gitaru, U-1 learned to play his instrument to “win” everyone, proving that he is not only cool, but also a legendary hero in the galaxy.

Gameplay Gitaru Similar to other rhythm games of that era: vibrant graphics and a series of prompts scrolling on the screen. You can attack and defend by timing each button press and a large number of combinations to the scroll on the screen. As U-1 struggles in the Gravillian Empire army, each level has a different J-pop guitar fusion track as a narrative. A typical battle has three stages-charge, attack, and guard-imitating traditional boss battles. The settings of each level will evolve and react with songs and performances, creating a clear sense of energy, a series of hype, until the end of the level. Did we mention that this game is crazy?


There was never a real chance in this game. It did not sell well in the United States, but it performed better in its home country, Japan, even enough to get a sequel that had never been released in the United States. Sony did re-release the game on its first handheld game console, the PlayStation Portable, but sales were also bleak.

However, faithful to its fanatical classic status, the game has become a touchstone for hardcore gamers, and it is rarely seen in the retro game collection circle. Although it is not impossible to find it today, it is not easy, unless you know where to find it.


Nowadays, rhythm games are in a downturn.Occasional curiosity, such as Fuser Maintain the genre of life support. Nevertheless, the simulation aspect of music-related games may finally come to an end. However, for those games that continue their simple lives without attracting mainstream attention, there is still something to say.Every once in a while, a Gitaru The topic on the game forum will pop up to praise its uniqueness, or a YouTube video will pop up to analyze the game’s music and storyline with excitement.On Spotify, you can Find included playlists Gitaru Battle trajectory Created by like-minded fans. All the evidence shows that 20 years later, this game is still not forgotten and still exists.

Perhaps this is related to the transitive escapism that distinguishes good games. So, what if you don’t actually play notes on the guitar or play with the band?in Gitaru, You are a rock star, a hero who really saves the world.

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