After the summer break, the Formula 1 break is over.Just this weekend, it did, arguing with Spa Circuit Belgian F1 GP 2022. A fabulous track where we’ll see how these new single-seaters perform on the straights. Keep in mind that this is a fairly long track, with lap times approaching 2 minutes. In addition, it is a track that has been run in the rain many times, which is very exciting.

Of course, it’s also an old-school track, starting to pay, and we’ve seen some pretty shocking crashes lately. We’ll see what happens this year in Game 14 of this year’s World Championship. Will Ferrari or Red Bull win? Perhaps, as some have pointed out, the anti-bounce measures that will be implemented in this Belgian Grand Prix will benefit Mercedes, will this team be the one to bring the cat to the water? In addition to what will happen to other teams, many unknowns to be solved will be revealed.

Spa, Belgian Grand Prix circuit

And, you won’t miss a thing, you already know you can follow the 2022 F1 Belgian GP race and all its links, as well as pre- and post-race events, on DAZN F1 or Movistar+. Beyond that, there are other options to watch. either way, schedule son:

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sky Meeting Hour
Friday, August 26 Free practice 1 14:00
Friday, August 26 Free practice 2 17:00
Saturday, August 27 Free practice 3 13:00
Saturday, August 27 Classification 16:00
Sunday, August 28 Carrera 15:00

Now there’s no reason to miss out on all the action on the F1 Belgian GP 2022 track and what this exciting world championship has to offer, with all the controversy and action taking place in the paddock lately.