A new Bentley range is coming soon and it’s called the “Azure” range. No, this is not a reintroduction of the old Azure droptop. Similar to the “Speed” or “Mulliner”, all Bentley Azure models have a focus, this time on comfort and relaxation. Bentley plans to offer Azure versions of all its cars, including the Bentayga, Bentayga EWB, Flying Spur, Continental GT and Continental GT Convertible.

An Azure model is equivalent to a specific set of devices designed to enhance long-distance travel, or make any type of travel easier. That being the case, every Azure comes with a “Front Seat Comfort Specification,” which adds 22-way adjustable seats with heating and cooling, six massage programs and adjustable side bolsters. The seats also use Bentley’s “Comfort Headrests”.

To enhance ride comfort, Bentley has fitted all Azure models with a 48-volt Active Anti-Roll System, which disengages the roll bars for a smoother ride. We found this system also improved the Bentley’s handling.

You might expect it to be standard on Bentleys, but all Azure models come with the optional Touring Specification attached, adding a host of driver-assistance features. These include adaptive cruise control, lane tracking, traffic jam assist and ‘Bentley Safeguard’ (automatic emergency braking, emergency lane change assist, etc.). Basically, the car is stacked with all the driver assistance systems to make road trips better.

Bentley’s fitness campaign doesn’t end with tech features, though.

“To create the Azure collection, we consulted neuroscientists to understand the interrelationships between colour, texture, tactile sensation and even smell to create a relaxing and serene atmosphere,” said Maria Mulder, head of colour and trim at Bentley. “When we see pleasing forms, shapes, and colors, our brains release chemicals like dopamine that not only make us feel good, but are good for our bodies and our sense of well-being.” The body translates physical stimuli in neural activity that creates changes in our brain and nervous system. Every fabric, sound, movement, color and touch constantly affects our nervous system, and the Azure Cabin has been improved accordingly.”

All Azure models have “healthy quilting” designed to be especially pleasing to the eye and to encourage touch. Available in a choice of three open-pore woods – dark walnut, crown cut walnut and khaoa – all designed to give the occupants a sense of calm. To show that you have an Azure model, Bentley added a sill board with the word “Azure” in it. You’ll also have “Azure” embroidered on the seats and an Azure badge on the outside.

Bentley has designed unique 22-inch wheels for the Azure models, and all models feature a chrome front grille. Pricing and availability were not detailed in Bentley’s Azure announcement, but both are expected to cost a little more than any “base” model Bentley.

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