The Dutch authorities are still aloof from crypto, and the Gaming Authority, the regulator for online betting, is doing the same. Many casinos now also no longer accept credit cards, so what options are left?


From its introduction in 2005, the Dutch understood how practical and flexible this service is. Every Dutch bank now has iDEAL, and almost 3/4 of all online purchases are arranged with this payment method. It is therefore logical that anyone who has a webshop ensures that payment can be made with iDEAL. The advantages are that you do not have to change banks, nor do you have to create an extra account.

You simply do your online transactions with your trusted service provider. The disadvantage is that iDEAL does not guarantee the consumer that they are dealing with a bona fide party. But when it comes to money, you should always be careful.


In the early days of online betting, PayPal ignored the entire industry. This is probably because the company is extremely picky about the parties it works with. The employees do their homework thoroughly before reaching an agreement.

It was only when the online casino industry became more regulated that PayPal began to show interest in linking their services to these types of operators. Today, a Paypal casino is nothing out of the ordinary, and the world’s favorite e-wallet offers a competitive service with almost instant payments.


Most digital payment methods revolve around the principle that the customer pays first and then receives their goods or services. In this way, the supplier has the certainty of his income. A solution that benefits both seller and buyer is the Klarna post-payment method.

This works because a credit check is done when the customer wants to make a payment transaction. You can see, feel or even try the stuff you buy before you have to pay your money. If you return everything, your money will remain in your account.

You only pay for what you keep. This payment system is still relatively new and unknown, but is rapidly gaining popularity. No wonder, it is a win-win situation for both supplier and buyer.

Diverse Pay apps

More and more companies are offering their own payment options, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Garmin Pay, and so on. They are fast and extremely simple systems for quick payment, but also extremely safe. The most important thing is that you no longer have to carry your bank card with you; your phone is enough.

You can adjust the settings in such a way that a payment is made with the push of one button. On the other hand, this advantage is also a disadvantage if you know that you are an impulsive buyer. Not only are these apps generally free, they often come with extra promotions.