Podcasts have been trending since the start of the 21st century, and many DJs, labels, and radio stations are following the trend and enjoying it all together by hosting podcast mix shows. This type of podcast production can be an extremely valuable resource for DJs to discover new tracks and listen to excellent mixers in action. In today’s roundup, Dean Zulueta collects 11 podcasts created by DJs for DJs. Many people would have not even heard about DJ podcasts but like any other theme, the DJ podcast is also a theme and has been growing a lot lately. People are preferring EDM music over classic lately and that has been a major cause of the boom in the world of DJ podcasts. These are not only for the people who love DJ music or DJs for that matter. These podcasts include music, musicians, their journey, and their inspirations. It covers everything that might interest beginners, listeners, musicians, etc. We have compiled these podcasts for you to expand the horizon of your music taste and music information.

1. Circoloco Radio:

Circoloco Radio gives you mixes from the best DJs from around the globe. The prestigious Monday morning session, at a virtually unknown location, launched a clubbing revolution that had a long-lasting effect on the shape of modern club culture forever. The host belongs to Ibiza. He posts an episode every week that is about 79 min long.

2. The DJ Top 30 Countdown:

The DJ top 30 countdown provides the top 30 hottest tracks that you can update your playlist with. All the requests of the clubs, listeners, and dance radio stations from around the globe are compiled and played in The DJ Top 30 Countdowns weekly. Countdown airs every Saturday at 8 pm.

3. Fire and Ice:

Fire & Ice podcast by Johnny B features various drum and bass music from DJs who have been on the scene as early as 2000. Their track selection provides a nice palette for DJs to find new DnB tracks. He has several musical podcasts charting in the top 10 on Mixcloud for DnB Mix, and his mix is generally flawless.

4. Explorer Club by Vince Blakk:

Explorers Club is a monthly radio show hosted by DJ and producer Vince Blakk. Because Vince was born as a club DJ he has a unique style that wraps trance, progressive, and techno which has contributed to making him one of the most famous DJ shows in its region. The Explorer Club is the venue for some of the greatest podcast music of all time, including special episodes and concept sets such as Epic Sessions, Annual Showcases, Summer Editions, Club Live, and classics.

5. Find, Share, Rewind:

Renowned DJ Shadow is now broadcasting a monthly mix on the public radio station, KCRW, where he shares tracks from different genres and different decades. The first episode serves as a great resource for DJs to find the obscure track of DJ Shadow.

6. Funky House:

Are you bored listening to the same old dance music on iTunes? Everything is either too difficult or too poppy for you? We had a desire to do a podcast for people who love clubbing or the people who love those classic funky house tracks and want to hear some cool new tunes too. Superstar DJ gives you a good time and great tunes to remember. They are famous on Twitter and Facebook with a huge fan following of almost 637K each.

7. Expansions:

From Seattle, comes the WA Expansion radio show featuring underground beats from 1995. As the brainchild of DJ Rhys Rollins, The Expansion serves as an escape from the growing music scene. This radio show has a lot of underground music that DJs wouldn’t listen to on a mainstream radio show. For hidden gems and undiscovered cast members, this is a great show to watch.

8. Beats in Space Radio:

This podcast is a weekly podcast aired on WNYU, the radio station of New York University. The show features guest DJ mixes each week, and each track is posted on their website in an extensive playlist with track name, artist, and label. From techno, house music, to drum and bass, you name it and the podcast covers it all.

9. Fact Mixes:

Fact Magazine is a household name in the music media, Covering a wide range of genres and releases. This podcast has a guest DJ each week who is different from the previous and the spin is 1 to 1 1/2 hours of mixes while providing a tracklist on their website. The latest episode features ghetto pioneer DJ Dion, who delivers some hard-hitting tracks.

10. RA Podcast:

Exclusive electronic mixes from well-known producers and DJs around the globe are featured on THE Weekly RA podcast. Resident Advisor, Est. 2001, is a magazine that showcases electronic music, artists, and events from around the world. Each episode consists of a 1+ hour mix, interviews with DJs, and (usually) a tracklist.