BHP Group PLC update

BHP Billiton revealed that since 2019, it has fired 48 employees in its remote Western Australia flying in and out of mines due to sexual harassment.

In a document submitted to the Western Australian State Council for investigation, the miner stated that between 2019 and 2022, its FIFO mine received 6 confirmed cases of sexual assault and 73 cases of sexual harassment. Of the 73 harassment cases, 48 ​​resulted in the defendant’s termination or permanent departure from the company or any of its workplaces.

BHP Billiton said these cases include two crimes of rape and another crime of attempted rape.

The Parliament of Western Australia issued a submission from BHP Billiton. As part of its investigation into sexual harassment at first-in-first-out mining camps in the state, miners flew to remote mining farms to work in weekly shifts.

Rio Tinto and Fortescue also submitted their opinions on the survey announced on Friday. Rio Tinto stated that since January 2020, its first-in-first-out (FIFO) operation has confirmed 1 reported case of sexual assault and 29 reported cases of sexual harassment.

The company said: “Rio Tinto is committed to eliminating sexual harassment in our business and recognizes that changes are needed to eliminate it from the mining industry.”

Since 2020, BHP Billiton has been fighting allegations of its work culture when a 42-year-old employee in its remote camp was arrested. charged Suspected of rape. In June, another employee was charged with another rape allegation in the FIFO camp.

BHP Billiton said it has taken a number of measures to prevent sexual harassment.

“This investigation and the circumstances that led to its appeal reflect confrontations in our industry and, in some cases, criminal acts.” It said in the filing.

“Our position in this regard is clear. Sexual harassment is totally unacceptable, contrary to our values, and illegal.”

All confirmed cases were reported to the police at the request of the victims, except for one. The company stated that the nine reported cases were either unproven or unable to reach a conclusion through investigation.

BHP Billiton said the data showed that the rate of reports of sexual harassment “has steadily increased in recent years.”

BHP Billiton stated in its submission that the focus of its response measures is to improve the prevention, reporting and response to sexual harassment.

The measures taken include investing A$300 million in strengthening on-site security at the FIFO camp and linking the remuneration package of the company’s executive leadership team in fiscal year 2022 with the elimination of sexual harassment. It also stated that it will provide relevant senior leaders with key performance indicators based on the rate of sexual harassment reports.

It added that starting from July this year, the company has further restricted the number of drinks allowed by camp employees to four glasses of standard alcohol per day.

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