Starting in October, the benefits of the US Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program will increase by more than 25%.

The administration of US President Joe Biden announced on Monday that it has approved the largest permanent increase in food stamp benefits-the White House and supporters of this initiative hope this move will help low-income families store refrigerators and The pantry can afford healthier food choices. .

Beginning in October, the average benefits of food stamps — officially called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP — will increase by more than 25% from pre-pandemic levels.

Currently, approximately 42 million people (about one-eighth) in the United States receive SNAP benefits.

SNAP grew by 15% last year to protect Americans from the economic losses of the coronavirus pandemic. But the benefit will expire in September.

On Monday, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Wilsack told reporters that improving welfare “will better provide healthy food for low-income families.”

According to government data, the per capita monthly benefits of eligible recipients will increase by 36 US dollars, from 121 US dollars to 157 US dollars.

Nutrition advocates say that this hike will help American families choose better foods and improve nutrition and overall health.

This move is expected to cost an additional US$20 billion per year, and does not require congressional approval.

“Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, I think you have a common understanding of the importance of this plan,” Vilsack said in a conference call with reporters.

The increase in welfare is part of the Biden administration’s efforts to strengthen the national social safety net. During the pandemic, the shortcomings of the social safety net were exposed.

“Many people who think they will never participate in the SNAP program find themselves in need of help,” Vilsack said. “The pandemic shocked people because they believed it was a plan for other people.”

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi praised the move on Monday.

Pelosi said in a statement: “Even before the pandemic, countless parents were trying to put enough food on the table, because the current SNAP benefits no longer support a complete, healthy diet.” “We appreciate the president in advance. Achieve this growth to strengthen the food and economic security of millions of working families as we emerge from this crisis.”

She said the historic increase in this benefit will ensure that “parents can afford healthy food for their families and children do not have to go to bed hungry.”


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