U.S. President Joe Biden has called on the Supreme Court to uphold the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, which protects abortion rights nationwide after a leaked draft opinion showed the court’s conservative majority was ready to overturn it.

“I believe women’s right to choose is fundamental, Roy has been the law for nearly 50 years, and fundamental fairness and the stability of our law require it not to be overturned,” Biden said in a statement Tuesday.

Biden’s comments came after the leaked draft pushed the fight for abortion rights back to the top of the political agenda, with the midterm elections in November six months away.

The decision to drastically remove abortion protections will also have huge social and economic impacts on women’s ability to access health care and participate in the workforce.

Biden said the White House “doesn’t know if this draft is true or if it reflects the court’s final decision,” but insisted that his administration has always advocated for the preservation of abortion rights established by 1973 precedent.

“If the court does overturn Rowe, Protecting women’s right to choose will rest with elected officials at every level of government in our country. This November it will be up to voters to elect officials who support their choice,” he said, acknowledging the importance of November’s midterm elections.

Biden’s statement is the latest in a series of condemnations of the draft ruling from Democrats and groups working to protect American abortion rights. The Supreme Court has yet to comment on the veracity of the document, and a final ruling expected as early as June could change from the Feb. 10 draft.

However, documents disclosed by Politico on Monday did show that the court’s conservative majority, led by Judge Samuel Alito, completely overturned Roe v. Wade, rather than issuing a narrower ruling that would allow Mississippi The state continues to enforce laws restricting abortion after 15 weeks, but with no wider impact.

The breadth of the draft opinion sparked outrage among Democrats, who have long feared the court would move in that direction, after former U.S. President Donald Trump successfully nominated three justices in addition to the three appointed by previous Republican administrations , and only three judges. Democrat-appointed judge.

Democratic Congressional Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer said: “The vote to overturn Roy & Wade reported by Republican appointed justices will be considered abhorrent, the worst and worst in modern history. One of the destructive decisions.”

However, it would be a huge victory for conservative Republicans who have long sought to oust Roy and Wade. “If the leaked opinion is accurate, today is a landmark day for the sanctity of human life in our country. I am 100% pro-life and pray that the Supreme Court will continue to enforce and save countless lives,” Indiana State Republican Senator Mike Braun said.