US President Joe Biden has pledged to “unwaveringly commit” to let American citizens and Afghans whose safety cannot be guaranteed leave Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, but warned that obstacles will be encountered ahead, including the threat of ISIL attacks. (ISIS) group.

Biden said at a White House briefing on Sunday: “Let me be clear, it will be difficult and painful to evacuate thousands of people from Kabul,” and it will be so “no matter when it starts.”

“We still have a long way to go, and many things can still go wrong,” said the American leader, especially the threat of attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant-Khorasan Province (ISKP).

Biden said that he has instructed the U.S. State Department to contact Americans stranded in Afghanistan via telephone, e-mail and other means, and that Washington has plans to transfer them to the airport.

“We are implementing a plan to move these groups of Americans to safety and safely and effectively transfer them to the airport compound. For security reasons, I will not go into details,” he said. “But I want to repeat what I said before today: Any American who wants to go home will go home.”

On August 21, 2022, a US Marine provides assistance during the evacuation at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan [US Marine Corps/Sgt. Samuel Ruiz/Handout via Reuters]

He said that vulnerable Afghans such as Western Afghan allies and female activists and journalists will also be helped.

‘Bring us’

Biden said that since August 14th, 28,000 people have been evacuated by air transport led by the United States. He said it included 11,000 people who left Kabul within 36 hours this weekend, but did not provide details.

Tens of thousands of people still take part in the airlift, but due to security issues and the obstacles of the US bureaucracy, the airlift has slowed down.

On Sunday, Taliban fighters repelled thousands of people eager to flee outside the Kabul airport, but witnesses said they did not see anyone seriously injured. The British Ministry of Defence said that seven Afghans were crushed to death at the gate on Sunday, while a NATO official said that at least 20 people had died inside and outside the airport in the past seven days. Witnesses claimed that the victim died of gunshot wounds or trampling.

A reporter from a group of media workers and academics who had the honor to arrive at the airport on Sunday described the desperate scene of people surrounding their bus as they entered.

“They showed us their passports and yelled’Bring us…please bring us’,” the reporter told AFP.

“The Taliban fighters in the truck in front of us had to shoot into the air to get them to leave.”

The Air Mobility Command said on Twitter that due to the pain caused by the evacuation, an Afghan woman gave birth on a US Air Force flight and gave birth to a baby girl in the cargo hold of the plane shortly after landing at a base in Germany. .

The US military is currently controlling the civilian and military air traffic at the airport. Biden asserted without giving a complete explanation that the US military has managed to improve the passage of Americans and other people seeking to board the airport into the airport. He suggested that the border has been expanded and a “safe zone” has been expanded.

When asked by reporters whether the U.S. will extend the August 31 withdrawal deadline, Biden replied: “We hope it doesn’t have to be extended, but I doubt we will discuss our progress in this process.”

“Acute” ISKP threat

Earlier on Sunday, senior US officials said that due to concerns about security threats to Afghan armed groups, including ISKP, the Pentagon is considering “creative ways” to allow Americans and others to enter the Kabul airport and evacuate. These groups may try to use surrounding areas. Chaos situation. Airport.

Jack Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, said: “The threat is real, sharp, and persistent. We pay attention to every tool in our arsenal.”

He told the broadcaster CNN’s State of the Union address that US commanders are using “various capabilities” to defend against potential attacks.

Sullivan said: “This is our highest priority to prevent or destroy.” “As long as we are on the scene, we will do everything we can to prevent this from happening. But we take it absolutely seriously.”

(Al Jazeera)

In a notice on Sunday, the US State Department urged those seeking to leave Afghanistan as part of an organized private evacuation effort not to come to Kabul Airport “until you receive specific instructions from the flight organizer of the US Embassy.” The notice said that other people, including American citizens, should go to the airport if they receive specific instructions from the embassy.

A core issue of evacuation operations is to deal with evacuees after they arrive in the region and other countries in Europe. These temporary transfer stations, including in Qatar, Bahrain and Germany, sometimes reach full capacity, although new stations are being provided, including in Spain.

In order to alleviate this situation and free up military aircraft for missions from Kabul, the Pentagon activated the Civilian Reserve Air Force on Sunday.

The US Department of Defense stated that 18 aircraft from American Airlines, Atlas Air Lines, Delta Air Lines, Omni Air, Hawaiian Airlines and United Airlines will be sent to temporary transfer stations to transport evacuees. Airlines will not fly to Afghanistan.

Resistance to the Taliban

The Afghan crisis has triggered increasing criticism of the United States and its Western allies. As the government and security forces strive to contain the intensification of Taliban violence, the United States and its Western allies continue to withdraw their troops this year.

G7 leaders will discuss this situation at a virtual summit on Tuesday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who convened the meeting, said that leaders will discuss ways to “ensure safe evacuation, prevent humanitarian crises and support the Afghan people.”

Sources told Reuters that the UK plans to push world leaders to consider imposing new sanctions on the Taliban during the G7 meeting. Biden said that he will support this effort, depending on the behavior of the Taliban.

Since the occupation of Kabul, the leaders of the armed group have been trying to show a more moderate face, and they have begun negotiations on the formation of a government.

They faced opposition from the northern Afghan forces, which stated that they occupied three areas near the Panjshir Valley this weekend.

Anti-Taliban leader Ahmed Masood said on Sunday that he hopes to hold peace talks with the movement, but his troops in Panjshir-the remnants of the army, special forces and militia-are ready to fight.

“We want the Taliban to realize that the only way out is through negotiation,” he said. “We don’t want war to break out.”

The Taliban said on their Arabic Twitter account on Sunday that they are send After “local government officials refused to surrender peacefully”, hundreds of soldiers came to the valley.

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