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Joe Biden blames U.S. Supreme Court After making a ruling allowing Texas, the second most populous state, to enact a law prohibiting abortion after approximately six weeks of pregnancy, it triggered “unconstitutional chaos.”

U.S. President criticized in court after release Overnight judgment Allowing the Southern State to continue to implement the law is one of the most important legal victories of the anti-abortion movement in recent years.

Texas law is the most prohibited law in the country, once heart activity is detected, abortion is not allowed, which usually occurs in about six weeks. Healthcare providers say that the vast majority of abortions occur after this point.

The law makes no exceptions for rape or incest cases, and allows private citizens to sue abortion providers and anyone who helps abortions.

Biden said in a statement: “By allowing a law to take effect, private citizens of Texas have the right to sue healthcare providers, family members who support women to exercise their right to choose after six weeks, and even drive away. She goes to a friend in a hospital. or a clinic, and it will cause unconstitutional chaos and empower self-styled law enforcement officials to have a devastating effect.”

The president added that he is instructing his officials to study how the federal government can help women Texas Access to safe and legal abortion opportunities and the legal tools available to protect people from the new state laws.

For decades, American conservatives have been trying to limit the impact of Roe v. Wade, and the Supreme Court’s 1973 ruling established the constitutional right to abortion. Later this year, the court will hear a case in Mississippi that aims to completely overturn the ruling.

Texas and Mississippi are just two of the long list of states controlled by the Republican Party. In recent years, they have tried to strictly control when women can seek abortions. These cases are often rejected by the Supreme Court, and many liberal activists expect the same to happen with the new Texas law.

However, the court voted with a 5 to 4 majority on Wednesday night to deny the last-minute application to shelve the law while initiating a full appeal. The verdict was issued before midnight without a full briefing or oral argument as part of the so-called shadow file by the court.

Three of them voted in favor of justices appointed by former U.S. President Donald Trump, although no one included their names in the decision, which constituted an unsigned paragraph.The judges include Amy Coney Barrett (Amy Coney Barrett), who Trump appointment After the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg a week before the election last year.

The five judges argued that because Texas did not hold its officials responsible for law enforcement, but instead allowed citizens to file private lawsuits, it was unclear whether the Supreme Court had the power to intervene.

But they added: “The order is not based on any conclusion about the constitutionality of Texas law, nor does it limit other procedurally appropriate challenges to Texas law, including in Texas courts. .”

Each of the four justices who supported the ban-three of them liberals-expressed their own objections to the decision.

John Roberts, who was appointed chief justice by George W. Bush in 2005, joined the liberal judge’s dissent.

He wrote: ” [Texas] The legislature implemented the abortion ban about six weeks later, and then basically entrusted the implementation of the ban to the general public.

“The expected result appears to be to free the country from the responsibility of implementing and enforcing the regulatory system.”

The Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said she plans to introduce legislation this month to “codify” Roe v. Wade and “incorporate the reproductive health care of all women in the United States.”

Pelosi added: “The Supreme Court’s cowardly, late-night decision on the flagrant violation of women’s rights and health is shocking.” “This radical partisan court chose not to have a complete briefing, oral arguments, or It is shameful to do so while providing complete, signed comments.”

However, given that Democrats control the upper house by a small margin, it is unlikely that any such legislation will be passed in the Senate. Some Democratic senators, including Joe Manchin from West Virginia, also hold anti-abortion views.

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