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US President Joe Biden warned that as the hacking incident in the United States escalates, tensions with Russia and China are increasing, and cyber attacks may escalate into a full-scale war.

Biden said in a speech on Tuesday that cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, are “increasingly capable of causing damage and destruction in the real world.”

He said in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees 18 US intelligence agencies: “If we end up in a war, a real gun battle with major powers, it will be the consequence of a cyber invasion.”

Some recent hacking attacks have clearly demonstrated the extent of US network vulnerabilities, from widespread espionage against the core of the government to ransomware attacks, these attacks have brought important threats. Oil pipeline and Meat packaging The plant stops.

The Biden administration accused the Russian and Chinese governments or hackers in the two countries of launching some attacks. US officials have warned that the government will respond with a “combination of visible and invisible tools”, but the network vulnerabilities continue.

Although he did not specify with whom such a war may be waged, Biden immediately continued to name Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming that Russia had spread misinformation before the 2022 midterm elections in the United States.

“This is a pure violation of our sovereignty,” he said.

“Mr. Putin… there is a real problem. He sits on top of an economy with nuclear weapons and oil wells, and there is nothing else. There is nothing else,” Biden said. “He knew he was in real trouble, which made him even more dangerous.”

period June Summit In Geneva, Biden personally warned Putin that if the Russian state or Russian hackers target critical U.S. infrastructure, the U.S. will “respond through the Internet.”

The banned infrastructure areas include energy, health, IT, and commercial facilities-all of which are said to have been targeted by Russian hackers since the 2020 US election. Others include transportation, financial services and chemicals.

Biden also said that Chinese President Xi Jinping is “very serious” China By the 2040s, it will become the world’s most powerful military force, as well as the largest and most prominent economy.

“It’s true… this boy has a plan,” Biden said, adding: “We better figure out how we will keep up without getting worse [the situation]. ”

Biden emphasized that cyber attacks are only one aspect of the accelerated threat facing the United States, and said that the next 10 years will have more development than the past 50 years, which will bring a huge burden to the intelligence community.

“It will really get harder,” he said.

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