According to reports, Big 12 faces an uncertain future outside the SEC and ACC-Big Ten-Pac-12 alliances, and it is reported that four schools have been locked to replace Oklahoma and Texas.

Sports meetingCiting sources close to the situation, the report stated that Big 12 is considering the independent Brigham Young University and the American Athletics League members Houston, Cincinnati and UCF most seriously. The 10 schools in the conference need an absolute majority (80%) to add these items. If the current Big 12 schools, without Texas and Oklahoma, vote to approve additional schools, then they do not need the support of Longhorns or Sooners.

After Pac-12 announced on August 26 that it did not intend to expand, it seemed that poaching schools from other meetings was the best way to stay relevant for the Big 12. This puts an end to any hope of Big 12 joining the conference.The first blow to this hope was the announcement Pac-12, ACC and Big Ten Alliance.

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These four schools are meaningful because each of them has recently achieved success on the grill: Houston (2015 Peach Bowl), UCF (2018 Peach Bowl, 2019 Carnival Bowl), and Cincinnati (2022 Peach Bowl) Bowl) have achieved the sixth bowl on New Year’s Day since 2015. BYU is about to end the 2020 season, in which it lost 11-1 to the coast of the Carolinas and ranked 11th in the Associated Press poll. In addition to Houston, each show also represents a new media market for Big 12.

Speaking of Houston, the Big 12 sports director and president reportedly had more debate about its inclusion. According to The Athletic report, Big 12 is willing to put aside past disagreements and make the plan part of the decision that best suits the long-term future of the conference.

In any case, it is uncertain when the meeting will attempt to add these four programs. Currently, Oklahoma and Texas will join the US Securities and Exchange Commission in 2025, but if they follow the current Big 12 regulations, these teams can join as early as the 2023 season.

According to a report by Matt Brown of Extra Points, AAC requires 27 months’ notice and a $10 million withdrawal fee to leave the meeting. This is a potential barrier for Houston, Cincinnati and UCF to join Big 12.

The Athletic reported that other schools are considering joining the ranks of Big 12, but decision makers are trying not to make any decisions in a hurry. Nevertheless, the meeting seemed to believe that expansion was necessary.


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