Sorry, Mark Sanchez.

Bill Belichick spent a long time in the league, and his Patriots defeated many good quarterbacks. According to Belichick, it is not surprising that Peyton Manning, the newly added Jacket Hall of Fame member, is the best in this group.

In fact, in an unusual move, Belichick gave Manning a high praise (Via Boston Globe):

He is definitely the best quarterback I have coached. There used to be a quarterback who claimed to be his own game, but this is far from what he did. Once he sees what the defense is doing, he basically calls every game by adjusting and/or changing the game. He is good at using rhythm and identifying blitz, and more than any offensive player can force us to change and adjust the defensive game plan.

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Belichick can’t even take a peek behind the scenes of the Patriots, so for the New England coach, acknowledging how much trouble Manning caused him is of course highly praised.

However, the Patriots and Belichick have the upper hand over Manning in his career: the former Colts and Broncos QB against the Patriots have a total record of 8-12 (playoffs and regular The game is added together), but in Bilic’s QB, this victory is the most ever played against.

Manning was the headliner of the Hall of Fame class this weekend and joined the 2020 class in Guangzhou; others include Bill Kaul, Calvin Johnson, Troy Boramaru, Jimmy Johnson and Calvin Johnson.

The last match between Belichick and Manning was in the 2015 playoffs (Manning and the Broncos won the AFC Champions League 20-18), but expect that they — or at least their busts — will one day Meet again in Guangzhou.

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