Are you struggling to lose weight due to busy schedules, convenience foods and eating out? Unfortunately, this is a common problem.

However, there are several healthy meal delivery services that can deliver delicious weight loss meals directly to your doorstep. All you have to do is to reheat them in the microwave.

Bistro It is such a service. Our comprehensive BistroMD review can help you determine if it is right for you.

What is BistroMD?

BistroMD is a food delivery service that focuses on weight loss. It was designed by doctors and nutritionists.

The service provides high-quality, single-serving, ready-to-eat meals, and optional snacks are delivered to your door every week. All you have to do is to reheat the meal.

This completely eliminates the trouble of making dinner every night.

Quick-frozen food is made of high-quality ingredients. Compared with typical frozen food, the heating effect is better and the taste is much better. It is important to note that BistroMD does not provide organic food.

In addition to meals, BistroMD also provides a weight loss plan part and is professionally supported by its team of nutritionists.

They also provide some other resources in the member area of ​​the website called My BistroMD.​​​

How does the service work?

The first step to start using BistroMD is to choose your program.

They offer the following programs to choose from, all programs include calorie control meals to meet various dietary needs or dietary restrictions:

  • standard: Variety of meals
  • gluten free: Gluten-free meals
  • Heart health: Low in sodium and saturated fat
  • diabetes: Low net carbs
  • menopause: Consistent carbohydrate content
Meal plan

Next, you will choose your plan. The full plan plan provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can choose the option of five days or seven days.

Remember that the 7-day option provides 20 meals a week, so you will have one meal alone.

Lunch and dinner options are only available for five to seven days of lunch and dinner.

Meal plan

After selecting your plan and plan, you will be guided to enter your contact information and address. At this point, you will get an optional snack add-on that provides two snacks per day.

Once you enter your payment details, you will be taken to the My BistroMD member area. Here you can choose your food,

Or, you can stick to their pre-filled selection.

The BistroMD menu offers more than 150 different meals prepared by dietitians to choose from.


There is also a calendar where you can skip the next few weeks or choose meals for the next few weeks.

Meal delivery calendar

BistroMD is a subscription-based service. When you register, you promise to ship weekly.

If you don’t want to continue using the service, be sure to skip the weeks when you are not at home accepting deliveries or cancellations. Both operations can be easily completed online.

How much does BistroMD cost?

Bistro A weekly fee is charged based on the plan you choose, and the price per serving is approximately $9.49.

During the checkout process, you can choose to add additional snacks. The lady’s snack plan provided to me at checkout offers 14 snacks per week at a price of $28.

Shipping fee is $19.95 per box.

Although it is not the most affordable package, new customers can enjoy a 25% discount and free shipping on their first box.

My experience using the service

My expectations for frozen food are always low, but BistroMD is impressive.

Registration is easy, and cancellation is easy. However, in my opinion, the calendar and meal selection process after registration is not as simple as they are.

In any case, before my order was shipped, I was able to switch many of the automatically assigned meals to options that sounded better to me.

Meals are neatly packed in insulated boxes with dry ice. They have been partially thawed, but they can still be safely stored in the refrigerator.

I think the packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible for a single serving.

Meal packagingGrilled Salmon with Champagne Sauce

Some of the meals I received include:

  • Turkey breast with herb brown gravy
  • Lemon Pepper Sauce Chicken
  • Skinless Chicken and Pepperoni Pizza
  • Grilled Salmon with Creamy Pesto

I like all the meals I try.

Although I did not use their online community or consult their dietitian, it is easy to find these resources in the member area of ​​their website.

What is the meal at BistroMD?

I am not a big fan of frozen food, so BistroMD has brought me a pleasant surprise. Unlike most frozen single meals I have tried at the grocery store, I look forward to eating these.

I chose the diabetic meal plan because it best fits my low-carb diet, so most of the meals I choose feature one source of protein (mainly salmon or chicken) and two vegetables.

Protein tends to be small. Fortunately, the portion size is great for keeping me full, but it won’t fill up.

However, these meals may not be big enough for men, people with physical work or active people.

Grilled Salmon with Creamy Pesto

In most cases, the food reheats well. I put them in the refrigerator, and almost every meal I tried was fully heated in the microwave after five minutes.

A meal that takes an extra minute is a stuffed chicken main course, but it is a thick piece of chicken stuffed with spinach and cheese.

Fortunately, these foods did not accumulate as much liquid in the tray as some frozen foods did after heating. This helps make them more appetizing.

I usually transfer frozen foods to different plates so that they look better, but I don’t have to use these to make them.

Salmon with dill mustard sauce

I also think their seasoning is good. Vegetables contain the right amount of salt to prevent them from becoming boring, and the protein has always been delicious.

Even better, even if heated in a microwave oven, the protein will not be too dry.

Overall, I am very impressed with the taste and quality of the meals.

Who should use BistroMD?

Here are the people who might get value for money from BistroMD.

People who want structure

If you are trying to lose weight and don’t want to worry about meal planning, preparation, shopping or rules, then BistroMD’s weight loss plan is perfect for you.

Their complete plan provides every meal you need during the week, except for one dinner. In addition, the diet is calorie controlled.

This means that if you only eat their food, there is no need to worry about tracking.

From there, you can relax or participate as much as you want.

You can use their online tools to take on more responsibilities, meet with their nutritionist as needed, or keep it simple and non-participating.

Picky eaters

Picky eaters will love BistroMD’s simple meals and plenty of alternatives. If you don’t like a meal, you can easily replace it with something you like.

If you really like a certain food, you can use it as the highlight of the box.

For example, there are four or five different salmon dishes in my box because I like salmon.

People who want convenience

The convenience of BistroMD is unparalleled. Even if you store food in the refrigerator, they can be eaten in the microwave in just five minutes.

They are ideal for work lunches, busy evening dinners, or people who don’t want to cook for one person every night.

Who should not use this service?

If you eat a plant-based diet or have a limited budget, BistroMD may not be suitable.


Unfortunately, BistroMD currently does not offer special vegan or vegetarian meal plans or other options for special dietary needs.

A better option for vegetarians may be Diet-To-Go, which offers a plant-based program that includes dairy products, eggs, beans, and soy protein.

For vegans, options like Splendid Spoon or Daily Harvest may be better choices.In addition, like Green Chef or Purple carrot It may be worth studying.

Budget conscious person

BistroMD is also expensive. If you purchase a 7-day full plan, the price of each meal starts at $9.49.

This may add up quickly, and with shipping costs, a full plan for one person for a month will cost about $800 to $1,000.

To save money, going to the grocery store and preparing meals may be a better idea.

You can also buy cheaper frozen foods at grocery stores, although the quality may not be as good as BistroMD.

Or, you can look for cheap and healthy meal package service. These options provide you with fresh ingredients. Then you cook.

Meal packs are usually cheaper than pre-made meals, but require more preparation time. Healthy meal packs include Hello Fresh and Blue Apron.

other Cheap meal delivery package Includes dinner and each plate. Prices vary based on the number of recipes you choose each week.

Pros and cons

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this service.


  • Convenient microwave meal
  • Various meal plans and meal options
  • Reheat the meal
  • Calorie control


  • expensive
  • Small serving
  • No plant-based options
  • Weekly shipping cost $19.95


The following is a comparison between BistroMD and some other meal delivery subscription services.

Nutritional system

Nutritional system It is very popular and has been around for a while. Like BistroMD, they offer frozen meals and snacks designed to promote weight loss.

They have programs for men, women, diabetics, and vegetarians.

Nutrisystem’s plans start at $9.74 per day, but include meals (plus snacks) five days a week.

The basic Nutrisystem plan for a full month is US$272.79, so compared to BistroMD, this is a relatively cheap meal delivery service.

However, Nutrisystem foods are more processed than BistroMD and are made from lower quality raw materials.

Read our review of Nutrisystem here learn more.


Fresh It is a catering company that provides fresh, ready-to-eat meals for everyone.

These meals are not specifically designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals, but the low-carb FreshlyFit series of meals can be used for weight loss.

They offer a variety of unique flavors and weekly meal options that you may not find in other companies, and their meals are fresh. Prices start at $8.49 per meal.

In addition, their diets are free of processed preservatives, excessive sugar and artificial ingredients.

Eat and go

Eat and go Very similar to BistroMD, it provides frozen food designed for weight loss. However, in addition to the standard plan, their weekly menu options also include keto and vegetarian recipes.

The pricing of Diet-To-Go is similar to BistroMD, even including shipping.

However, they do not offer gluten-free, heart-healthy or menopausal options.

BistroMD review

  • Price
  • Menu type
  • Shipping
  • Food quality
  • Special diet

BistroMD review

BistroMD is a quick-frozen meal delivery service that provides high-quality, calorie-controlled meals to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


✔️ Convenient meals
✔️Conducive to weight loss
✔️ Several special diet options
✔️Reheat well
✔️Meals designed by doctors and nutritionists


❌ No vegetarian options
❌ Not including shipping
❌ More expensive than other similar services

Bottom line

BistroMD is a diet meal service that provides fast, simple and convenient high-quality personal meals. However, you will pay the price for simplicity, as each meal starts at close to $10.

In any case, if you want to lose weight but need convenient pre-made meals, BistroMD may be for you.

What are you looking for in a weight loss meal service?

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