Bitcoin Formula is a trading platform that can help both new and experienced investors in cryptocurrency markets to make more money using its powerful AI. It was created to identify the market and place profitable trades based upon users. Bitcoin Formula claims investors can make up to 8x their initial investment. The platform is updated regularly with market changes and offers investors the opportunity to make money by using AI Predict, an online platform. Bitcoin Formula Investments is not comparable to other platforms.

This review will concentrate on Bitcoin Formula. We will verify all claims made by the founders. Is it a scam or legitimate trading bots? Let’s see.


The Trading Backgroung of Bitcoin Formula

Bitcoin Formula is an automated trading platform that allows investors to make money quickly and easily. It uses an automated trading platform that makes use of AI machines and algorithms to predict market conditions and help traders make a profit. It has an exclusive feature called “AI Predict”, which continuously monitors the market to determine if there are any changes. To enable AI to Predict trades on the best signals, investors must choose the most relevant variables. The software promises a return of between $1000 and $100,000 per day with a success rate of 95 percent.

Is Bitcoin Formula a Scam or Legit?

Automated cryptocurrency trading is offered by a variety of platforms, which can lead to one questioning the legitimacy of these sites. The automated trading system has made Bitcoin Formula a household name. A few testimonials posted by users have shown that the software can generate amazing profits for their clients. This site has received many positive reviews from customers.

The platform uses the latest technology and has accredited brokers to manage your accounts. Although the company claims it can make $1000 per day, this is not based upon any trading experience. The evidence is not strong enough to support these claims. It boasts an 85 percent success rate and promises that it will not lose. This is hard to believe. Independent evaluations and comments on this site reveal that customers have experienced significant gains despite exaggerated claims. It appears to be legitimate.

How to Create a Trading Account on Bitcoin Formula?

Register now

You must fill out this form to register. After you have registered and validated your account, a broker will be assigned to you who will assist you with the verification and setup.


Installment of funds

We recommend you invest between EUR250 and PS250. For those who have never traded before, it is a good idea to start small. Before the trader can allow live trading, the deposit must be made.

You can deposit funds using a credit card like MasterCard, Visa, or Maestro. Before trading begins, customers must verify that the bank account is legitimate. If you are a new client and have concerns about the security and confidentiality of your account, the GDPR regulations will apply. SSL certificates ensure that every transaction is secure. This means that all of your personal information will be protected and secured online.

Demo trading

Demo trading is recommended for new or novice users. Demo trading features simulate the functionality of live trading platforms, but with no actual cash. This is to help users get to know the platform and learn about live trading.

Live trading

We recommend that traders aren’t familiar with market restrictions before they start trading live on the market. This will help protect your investment or reduce the risk of losing a lot. The initial settings for trading limits will be in effect for the whole day. Only the user can change them before trading. Before you trade, it is recommended that you use the demo trading function.

Comparatively To Other Bots, How The Core Grounds For Trading On Bitcoin Formula Are Different?

Details of the mechanisms

The platform has received positive reviews, with many claiming that they have made huge profits since its inception. It has the potential to make its clients money. The AI program can make precise decisions when trading according to market trends. The algorithms calculate the earnings and money in each account.

Breakthrough Mechanism

AI predicts that a feature of the Bitcoin Formula app will be included. It is intelligent and detects signals when there is a shift in the cryptocurrency market. When information is available, the algorithm can draw information from the market and financial market information.

Simple interface

It is easy to use, so traders don’t have to waste time between tasks. The interface is easy to use, intuitive and fluid. Bitcoin Formula is an excellent choice for all levels of users, from beginners to experts. Bitcoin Formula is suitable for all.


Demo trading option

Demo trading allows traders to practice trading without risking any money. Demo trading allows traders to practice their trading skills before moving to real-time trading. It is the best option for novice investors, as it helps them to understand the system’s functions.


Your money and account will always be safe. The SSL encryption prevents hackers and cybercriminals from accessing personal information. It guarantees that users’ personal information will be safe and won’t sell it.


How much can I earn using Bitcoin? Bitcoin Formula

The Bitcoin Formula’s effectiveness is dependent on many factors. These include the amount of money you invest, the limits you set when you sign-up for your account, how often you use the bot, and fluctuations in the markets. It is impossible to guarantee that your money won’t be lost due to the unpredictable market.

Is Bitcoin Formula the right trading option?

All transactions are completely automated so it’s easy to use cryptocurrency bots for trading. Follow the steps in the Bitcoin Formula set up to create a trading account.

The Final Verdict

After doing some research and looking through many reviews online, we have concluded that Bitcoin Formula is an easy-to-use software that allows you to trade on the cryptocurrency markets. The claim that it can make you $100000 per day is not supported by any evidence. It’s unlikely that anyone could make that kind of profit. You need to be aware that the robot can’t completely eliminate market risk so it is important to monitor your trades.