Since the bitcoin market is still unregulated in the United Kingdom, you will not be able to seek recourse for any losses incurred. It is possible to lose your entire investment in a bitcoin exchange. However, traders are surely on the verge of losing their investments. Yet few excerpts believe the rise of bitcoin will occur. Of course, nothing can be promised with certainty. Bitcoin is still a very risky investment and so is the query of how to buy bitcoin in UK. Many financial gurus advise putting only a modest fraction of one’s wealth into Bitcoin or another similar cryptocurrency.

How To Buy Bitcoin In UK: The Procedure

Choosing The Platform, To Begin With

Cryptocurrency exchanges are marketplaces where both buyers and sellers can meet and transact in digital money directly, such as Bitcoin (BTC) or another altcoin.

A newbie should choose an exchange that strikes a good mix between low costs, excellent security, and convenience of use. If you aren’t set on a certain cryptocurrency exchange yet, we recommend looking into eToro,, and Coinbase, some of our top selections alongwith connecting with reliable trading bots like bitcoinx

First, you should verify that your chosen exchange supports Bitcoin wallets, and second, if it does not, you will need to locate a Bitcoin wallet separately. Although purchasing cryptocurrency on a site like Robinhood and Paypal may seem like a convenient option, doing so typically prevents you from withdrawing your coins and transferring them to another site. It is necessary to liquidate your cryptocurrency assets and repurchase them on a separate exchange if you wish to transfer them to a different wallet.

Deciding The Transaction Option

After settling on a trading platform, the first step toward Bitcoin investment is to add funds to your exchange account. The methods available for funding your account with an exchange vary from one to the next, but typically include wire transfers from a checking or savings account as well as bitcoin wallets.

Electronic transactions from a checking account are preferable to other methods of investing since the lower transaction costs allow for more of your investment capital to grow and compound..

The Trade Commencement 

Your first Bitcoin purchase order can be placed once your account has been financed. Purchases can be made with a tap of a button or by entering the ticker symbol for Bitcoin, relying on the operating system (BTC). The next step is based upon entering the desired amount of trade.

After the exchange is finalized, you will have acquired a fraction of a Bitcoin. That’s because nowadays even buying a single Bitcoin takes a large outlay of cash. To buy one Bitcoin at the current market price of, say, £30,000 would require an investment of over £300,000. A fraction of a Bitcoin (3.33 percent) would be awarded for an investment of less than £1,000 (£1,000).

Selection Of A Secure Holding Option 

A lot of cryptocurrency markets let you store your Bitcoin in an integrated wallet or with a trusted partner. Some users, however, are wary about keeping their crypto exposed on the web, where it could be more readily taken by criminals.

The vast majority of account holders are stored offline, in so-called ‘cold storage,’ and the bulk of the big exchanges have private medical insurance to reimburse customers in this event.

Bitcoin can be stored in a Bitcoin wallet, either online or offline, at the user’s discretion. There may be a minimal withdrawal fee associated with transferring cryptocurrency away from an exchange. Moreover, if you employ a third-party custodian for your crypto wallet, losing the secret key that acts as the wallet’s password might render all of your coins forever inaccessible.

However, you can also link your account with trading bots like bitcoinx for safer and faster transactions. 

The Bottom Line 

When the price of a popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is increasing, it can be enticing to invest in that cryptocurrency. However, despite the fact that it can turn out to be a rewarding investment, you should proceed with caution. Even if you do decide to move forward with the transaction, many industry professionals advise that you should not invest a significant portion of your available capital in purchasing the asset because of its volatility.