Lightning forward Blake Coleman scores This Goals in the second game of the Stanley Cup final in the 2022 NHL playoffs on Wednesday night.

A fully stretched Coleman snatched Montreal goalkeeper Carey Price from Barclay Goodrow with three tenths of seconds left in the second quarter. Montreal defeated Tampa Bay for most of the game, which gave Tampa Bay a 2-1 lead.

Coleman started the game by forcing Phillip Danault to make a mistake in the neutral zone. Defensive player Ryan McDonald caught the puck and passed it to Gudrow. Gudrow avoided a probe attempt by Benciarot to gain the offensive zone. Then Gudrow crossed the Royal Mile to Coleman, and Coleman stretched out a retrospective Danno—parallel to the ice—to hit the ball.

With Tampa Bay winning 3-1, Coleman’s second goal in the playoffs became the winner of the game. With the Friday series moving to Montreal for the third game, the Chargers lead with the best two of the two games.

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“I know the time is coming. I saw Goody play heads-up in the neutral zone and poke the D a bit. So I tried to give him a choice and an incredible area pass from With him, luckily we caught up with time,” Coleman said after the game.

McDonagh said this goal is an example of Coleman and Goodrow always facing each other head-on.

“Those guys did a great job maintaining structure and destruction in the neutral zone, let’s turn it over and try to put it in their hands right away,” McDonald said. “I don’t know if there is enough time on the clock. I’m looking up and didn’t really watch the play. I mean, I didn’t even see it in. I was just looking at the clock. Fortunately, there was, anyway, half a second left. .

“The line lasts until the evening, and the night out brings it in different ways: close people, good defense and timely goals.”

Lightning coach Jon Cooper knows how high the quality of this goal is.

“This is one of the things the announcer said:’You will see this at the “Sports Center” tonight.’ That’s it,” he said.

Cooper and others in the hockey world also know that Coleman has a knack for scoring a “sports center” goal.

In the bubble last year, he Airborne score against the Bruins.

And when he became a member of the Devil team in 2019, Potted plant one-handed backhand Against the jets.

“Do you know what I’m thinking? The Boston game in the bubble last year,” Cooper said. “Literally, in my mind, I thought,’Did he do this again?’ “Different scenes, but very similar. It’s just that the timing is very good. Absolutely let us have a great improvement when we enter (third). “

Coleman tried not to get too excited about scoring a goal that would surely be lost in the Stanley Cup final.

“I don’t know, it happened in the Stanley Cup final, which is unforgettable to you, this must be there, in the case of the game, this will stay in my mind,” he said. “There is always something special in your career, but this is just a goal. We still have a lot of work to do to leave this game behind.”

Jackie Spiegel contributed to this report.

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