On this page we discuss Bluzelle. With the growth of the internet, more and more data is used and stored. The emergence of blockchain ensures that we can, for example, perform decentralized transactions. This often only goes through data centers that are owned by companies, i.e. central parties.

There are multiple projects working on a distributed database that we can use in conjunction with blockchain and Bluzelle is one of them.

In this article we look at Bluzelle. We take a closer look at the BLZ price, look at the Bluzelle coin and discuss the Bluzelle forecast for the future. We hope this helps you formulate an answer to the question: “Is Bluzelle a good investment?”. What will the Bluzelle crypto do?

What is Bluzelle?

Bluzelle is a decentralized database service that works on an effective and scalable data storage that can be used in combination with blockchain technology. With Bluzelle, developers and consumers can safely store their data associated with the applications. This should become a new decentralized ecosystem for data storage to replace the traditional central data storage.

How does it work?

At its core, Bluzelle connects users of the network who want to rent out their database space with people who need this extra storage. As a result, all data on the network is distributed across all users and there is no point of failure.

With this database, application developers can safely store their data in a reliable way. In exchange for providing storage space, the users of the network can earn the BLZ token and the BNT token.

The BLZ token is the token that connects the network to the Ethereum network, it is an ERC-20 token. The BNT token (Bluzelle Network Token) is used on the network itself and can be exchanged for the tradable BLZ coin.

We have opted for our own coin on the network (BNT) and no ERC-20 token to avoid the GAS prices and the low speed at peak times.

Karma & Governance

Network participants all have a Karma score. This goes down when the network is abused. For this low karma score you can get penalties and restrictions. Also, the earnings for people with a high karma score are significantly higher. Participants on the network therefore have an incentive to act correctly.


Bluzelle uses ‘swarm’ technology. Small bits of data are bundled at Nodes in a group / swarm. These swarms then spread the data across the entire network. As a result, the data is not stored at one point, but all data is safely stored and distributed over many different Nodes / participants on the network.

The distribution of the data storage is automatically adjusted based on the amount of swarms and participants. This is in contrast to data centers that all have the servers in one place and can therefore become a relatively easy victim of people with evil in mind.

What does the Bluzelle course do?

The Bluzelle course has seen quite a few ups and downs since the beginning like any other project. The BLZ coins left the Bluzelle ICO for $0.12 and the token sale raised a total of more than $19.5 million in January 2018. The current Bluzelle price is at $ 0.111247.

As soon as we look at the price from the first quote, we see that this was on February 8, 2018. The price started high and dropped significantly quite soon after the launch. The price continued to move sideways until the first bull market in 2021, when we saw the first highs again.

Bluzelle’s All Time High is $ 0.783089 (February 10, 2018). That is now 1659 days ago. At the start, the project had a total value of 19.5 million and the market cap is now up $ 37,453,559. With this rating, Bluzelle is in 484th place of largest crypto projects.

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What is the Bluzelle forecast 2022 – 2027?

The problem of central data storage is well known. It is an easy target for hackers and does not fit well with the decentralized blockchain concept. The use case for Bluzelle is therefore clear. However, it is difficult to become big, for this everyone has to start using the network to catch on.

Is Bluzelle able to enter into large partnerships with companies that will all use the Bluzelle network? Then this can be very positive for the BLZ price. This stands and falls with the use of the network, both by investors and by developers who will use it.

If we look at the Bluzelle forecast for 2022, we have to conclude that, just like with all other cryptocurrency, this is actually too short to say anything meaningful. A decentralized database is potentially very interesting in view of the decentralized world that we are all facing, but a period of one year is not enough to force full adoption.

If we look at the Bluzelle forecast for 2027, that is still the question. This will give the team more time to work on a good basis on which to build further. In the best-case scenario, the adoption will come at a rapid pace and Bluzelle can take advantage of this.

What is the use of the Bluzelle coin?

As we said, the Bluzelle rate mainly depends on the amount of users of the network. The more users and the more swarms, the safer and better the data storage on the network is. Various predictions have been made on the internet around the BLZ price. Always take these with a grain of salt and do your own research.

If you want to buy the BLZ coin, it is good to pay attention to, among other things, the trends of the price at the moment, the sentiment in the crypto market as a whole and the supply of Bluzelle. How many tokens will be in circulation in the future?

Huidige supply 336,849,974 BLZ Maximale supply 500,000,000 BLZ
% difference 24h -8.70% % difference 7D 39.13%

How to buy Bluzelle?

Have you decided that Bluzelle is an interesting project and do you expect them to gain a foothold in the data storage market? Then you can buy the BLZ token on some of the largest exchanges such as Binance. No account yet? Then you can create it here.

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The latest Bluzelle news

The Bluzelle forecast depends on many factors, not least the time frame you attach to it. An important factor in this consideration is the Bluzelle news. By following this carefully, you know exactly which direction the project is heading and which new techniques they are (not) coming up with. The twitter page is a good source of this. You can immediately see how active the team is.