A production BMW Chief Executive 04 Electric scooter Officially here.BMW showed us A concept CE 04 Last year, but today saw the stylish scooter turned into a real production two-wheeler.

The design is roughly similar to the one that BMW showed us before. Its fairing and other details are not exactly the same, but it still looks a lot like this concept. This is a good thing, because the CE 04 scooter is one of the more attractive scooter designs we have seen.

BMW today also released detailed specifications on a large number of photos of the scooter. A single electric motor mounted low in the frame can produce 42 horsepower and 44 pound-feet of torque. This is enough to reach a top speed of 75 mph, so in addition to being a city car, this scooter can also be used for a short stay on the highway. Accelerating to 30 mph is powerful because it gets there in 2.6 seconds. It takes longer to go from 0 to 62 mph, because BMW claims it takes 9.2 seconds.

8.9 kWh battery When the battery pack is fully charged, it can provide BMW’s estimated 80-mile range. BMW uses an air cooling system to regulate the temperature of the battery.Maximum charge level 2 speed.BMW says that if you use its optional 6.9 kW charging cable, you can 1 Hours and 40 minutes. You will find yourself in a more typical charging situation of 20-80%. BMW says it only takes 45 minutes to use the same method.

Different riding modes bring different energy recovery characteristics.You can choose between more gliding experiences, or enjoy the same resistance as when driving electric car With regeneration function brakeABS is standard, but “ABS Pro” is optional-the Pro option adds automatic brake control when tilting to a corner.

BMW’s ASC anti-skid control system appeared on CE 04. It operates similarly to BMW’s internal combustion engine bicycles. The optional “Dynamic Traction Control” system is located on the top of the ASC to further aid acceleration in a tilted position.

All CE 04 are equipped with a large 10.25-inch high-definition display, including navigation and smartphone connection functions. There are many other details available. The premium package adds the aforementioned braking/traction system, plus adaptive LED headlights, heated seats and additional “dynamic” drive modes to achieve better acceleration. You can use it in the optional Magellan gray metallic color shown here, but the light white theme is standard.

CE 04 starts at US$11,795, and BMW said it will go on sale in the first quarter of 2022.

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