this 2020 BMW M2 CS It’s a lap of victory BMW, And well-deserved.After five years of production Lovely M2 And the following M2 competition, BMW has every right to pat its own back. This is a masterpiece.Although we were a bit late to the party, we finally got the opportunity to drive when the last group of people left Dealer, At least we have a chance to raise our hands in applause.

mentally, M2 Has become the successor of previous generations of BMW M3As M3/M4 pair The size and weight vary with each Through iterationThe M2 successfully inserted these firm undersides as a refreshingly small and squatting coupe, with almost no space for rear-seat passengers.It is lighter than one M4, Full of less luxury goods and conveniences, and drive like a small car. If driving pleasure and performance are the number one priority, then this makes the M2 a fundamentally better starting point. But as the performance level changes, compared with BMW, M2 always has a “but” Flagship M3/M4.

M2 handles it very well, but You can’t have adaptive dampers. M2 is fast and very noisy, but Its power drops and is slower than M4. I can continue, but!This M2 CS model is if you remove but From the equation. finally.

As can be seen from the specification sheet, CS is the ultimate M2 that BMW enthusiasts with unlimited wallets will piece together.You don’t even need to install wheels and tires on your car, because you can specify the most gorgeous light gold forged wheels and wrap them in Michelin pilot Sports cup 2 Tires, the stickiest street-legal rubber.

The hot rod laundry list continues. M2 CS inherited Previous generation M3/M4 engine. This S55 power plant also has no restrictions, because it can produce all the 444 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque produced by the previous generation M3/M4. This is basically the engine replacement that every M2 owner has wanted for years.BMW bolted an exhaust pipe, and the sound was torn directly from the floor of the Loud Pipes’R Us cutting room-I promise, nothing is needed Aftermarket here.

Of course, the list continues. After only providing fixed dampers for each M2 before, BMW finally installed its adaptive dampers on the M2 CS.Carbon ceramics brake It is also the first time to be available on M2. No need to touch the exterior styling.It is equipped with all carbon fiber Additional features you might want-hood, roof, rearview mirror, splitter, spoiler and diffuser. In addition, you can and should specify it in Misano Blue Metallic.Believe me, when these inevitably start to appear auction, White and black will not get the same premium.

However, when I stepped into the driver’s seat, I was a little annoyed by the suspicious selective lightweighting. BMW cancelled the keyless entry of the CS (how much weight did this really reduce?), and when I put my elbow on the armrest, I found it was also removed. The entire console is wrapped in Alcantara with red stitching, but obviously the 6-pound armrest is a different manufacturer? At least it didn’t use “natural fiber” instead of door armrests like the M4 CS did.

The M2 CS interior also comes from the past BMW era. That’s just because it is still based on the old Series 2 chassis that will be replaced this year. However, because it is an older BMW, this means more analog controls and a smaller (less) screen. The intricate “CS” pattern on the dashboard is to represent the celebrity of this car, only this plus the 12 o’clock racing stripes on the steering wheel, CS door sills and headrests are embroidered with “CS”, which separates it from the car Standard M2 competition. For the sake of simplicity, all of the above is great, but don’t expect to get the same level of technology and luxurious facilities as the M4 at the same price in this $96,545 M2 CS. CS is about drives.

Gosh, this is a good idea. I lightly pressed the BMW shift lever on the right into “Drive”—yes, this one has a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission instead of a manual transmission—and then shook it lightly and violently.This primitive and slightly rough DCT is being phased out BMW The car transitions to a ZF eight-speed torque converter box. This is a shame because it has lost the immediacy and clarity of its transformation.

Even if the adaptive dampers are set to completely comfortable, CS won’t let you forget its priorities. Every road crack and pothole will be passed to the driver through the seat back. The steering at low and high speeds is naturally weighted. In addition, it effectively communicates the condition of the tires, which is rare for modern BMWs. Cold Cup 2s is very smooth, and I can feel the lack of adhesion on the wheels on a cold summer morning. The cabin is also very noisy.Rocks and pebbles are wide by those Michelin And clang on the fender well. Even if the active valve is closed, the exhaust will never be friendly to neighbors, and the 100% squeak and squeal of the M carbon ceramic brakes makes the noise even further.

For everything I am used to in today’s numb but skilled BMW, this is all sensory overload. This is the BMW that everyone wants and yearns for, I thinkI’m just visiting the grocery store, but even compared to the smaller M2 competition, this machine has a layer of liveliness and intimacy that other M cars lack.

Fast forward to the winding road to which this car belongs, and the M2 CS shows why it is the ultimate M2. Now, it is important to take a step back and realize that the magical feeling of this car on the road is mainly due to the M2 series, not the specific CS model. This is also good news for you, because although CS has been completed in the 2020 model year, you can still participate in the 2022 M2 race.

What makes M2s drive like them is the ultra-short wheelbase and compact size, making it an uninterrupted rear-end happy driving car. Starting to apply the throttle at the corner, M2 CS is happy to provide a fast side pedal or full slide, the dealer’s choice. The way it sprays from one corner to another is very interesting. It requires the driver to participate and focus on the task at hand, but it can be tamed with properly guided hands. This is good because acceleration at full throttle will make you jigsaw the steering wheel slightly.

It is best to illustrate this through M4 comparison. Just like the M2, the M4 is very powerful, very precise handling, and usually very suitable for driving. But these two cars have completely different characteristics and provide a different driving experience. The M4 is like a well-trained and predictable Olympic vaulting horse, and the M2 CS is like a mechanical bull, constantly trying to throw you away-the special thing about BMW is that it makes you feel like a horse in the driver’s seat. A professional bull rider.

In addition to the inherent advantages of the M2 basic chassis, the CS bit is also a very welcome addition. Being able to switch the shock absorber to a more forgiving setting on bumpy roads is good news for your spine, and switching to the full Sport Plus allows for the best body control and rolling resistance. The optional carbon ceramics don’t seem to care about how strong you use them-they can definitely take the most intense grinding courses straight from the factory. Those Pilot Sport Cup 2 can also stay alive in corners, extending the limit where you think lateral grip might stop.

Of course, there is also that powerful engine. The extra giddyup fully meets your expectations. It just makes the car faster-using DCT to accelerate 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds-so no complaints. Every tear and buzz you hear from that Inline Six is ​​muscular and despicable. Up to the 7,600 rpm red line, it has been smooth and pleasant, and then made a sharp roar and elegant crackling sound when speeding. Better than the standard M2 competition? Completely correct.

This seven-speed dual clutch responds sensitively and accurately to paddle pulls and encourages the use of manual mode. The CS also uses BMW’s older and larger paddle shifters, which are much better than the plastic shift paddles used in other recently launched M cars.

You might be wondering if BMW messed up anything with CS, I promise, there are some pain points. There is no blind spot warning system available.Little difference in weight That Compared with the standard M2 Competition (only 55 pounds lighter than DCT equivalent products), even with all carbon fiber and MIA armrests. Finally, compared to the M2 competition, the price premium is too high-we say that the price of CS is $24,700 higher.

Of course, considering that at the time of writing, all but one of the 500 BMWs brought here seem to have been sold, this price is academic at this time. This rarity is a shame, because this is indeed the M2 that the world has always deserved. Anyone lucky enough to snap up one will get absolute enjoyment. Even with DCT, it is the most interesting experience I have in any new BMW, not one of them.All the parts used to heat this M2 boil down to a sports coupe from Munich. We will flash in our eyes for many years, perhaps with the same bragging status as the rare BMW 1 Series M Coupe. Churning sound. The look of a wicked person. Exciting driving force. It adds up to the perfect M car, and there is no doubt that this M2 CS is an instant M car classic. Now, who do we need to call BMW to turn on another 500 green lights?

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