Electrification is unstoppable at BMW We appreciate every version of them. At the Bavarian company, they work to redefine a new paradigm in the automotive industry. Until now, its plan was to continue to be one of the top-rated quality companies. So its goals are clear and loud: Design eye-catching electric vehicles stand out from their competitors.

One of the most talked about proposals in the coming months is BMW XM. If you don’t remember, this is a large SUV, even surpassing the X5 that will be the company’s flagship. Next to it is the X7, but the technical and commercial approach of the two will be different, placing the XM in the upper area of ​​the range as the more dynamic version. That’s why his lines are so compelling, if not, Check out these renders

The final design of the new BMW XM should be officially revealed by the end of 2022

BMW XM rear rendering by Kolesa

The last time we heard about a future BMX XM was through the brand.More precisely, when he published a series of ‘Spy’ photo where we can see a camouflaged unitStill, while the “railing” makes it difficult to spy on its design, there are certain features that cannot be hidden.So it’s these and other spy photos that provide some service Graphic Designer has started to create render like these.

The pieces were made by Kolesa and his team, and to be fair, they look very real.First, this XM stands out Grill, medium, with horizontal chrome slats. The optics are all-LED and come in two levels when the 7-series has been released, although in the XM they will be more torn. Out of curiosity, we don’t know if this will be the case with the production version, with plastic moldings on the front bumper, side bumpers, and rear bumper.


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From the side, unlike other electric BMW models, it will have classic handle to open the doorFinally, the rear of the XM will feature very thin horizontal all-LED optics, which will be large in size, but will have a simpler design than the prototype. return, The brand logo will be located in the upper corner of the rear window Four angular exhaust pipes will go two by two on both decks.

All in all, while the concept version of the BMW XM looks very aggressive, the production version could be “sweeter”. Now, We will have to see the final and official results, Because these renderings are made up, they are not 100% reliable… The good news is we won’t have to wait long as the final XM debut seems to wrap up before this year 2022 arrives…

Source – Colesa