BMW Citroen will soon have one thing in common: a flagship model called XM. According to a recent report, we believe that SUVs with the XM nameplate on the X8 will be launched in 2022.

X and M are letters usually associated with the 2022 BMW series, so it makes sense to combine them. As the name suggests, the XM will be an SUV developed in-house by the M division of the German automaker. Similarly, Recently launched iX Is an cross Designed by the BMW i sub-brand. Previous spy photos Approximately X7 But this is defined by a more sweeping profile.

Fan Forum Bimmer Post It is understood that XM will make its debut in 2022 and enter production in December of that year, which means that we may see it in the US showroom during the 2023 model year. Surprisingly, the source told the forum user Ynguldyn that BMW has made a plan to phase out XM in November 2027.When it lands, this SUV will be equipped with a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8, which will be compatible with some form of Hybrids Assist in providing 700 horsepower.Lots of brake, 21-inch wheels, plus carbon fiber Interior and exterior decoration will be standard.

The Citroen brand XM was launched in 1989 as a large sedan designed by Bertone, which opened the computerized development of the company’s hydro-pneumatic suspension system and was equipped with a 13th window to prevent wind from entering the cabin when the door is open.It won the coveted European Car of the Year Award in 1990 with 390 points, beating Benz R129 SL (215 points) and the third generation Ford Fiesta (214 points).

BMW has not commented on the report, nor has it revealed the nameplate that its flagship SUV will case rumor Is accurate, we don’t think Citroen will mind; it keeps letting Lexus use GS nameplate It was from 1970 to 1979 (if you count 1986, until 1986) GSA) There has been no threat to file a lawsuit since 1991.However, the Paris-based company sued Volvo’s Polestar division at the end of 2020 Won because of a trademark dispute.

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