On Wednesday, Big 12 President Bob Bowlsby (Bob Bowlsby) wrote his name in a strongly worded letter to ESPN. Well, we think this is his name, not just a picture of a wave, a haircut, or an electrocardiogram.

He signed a ban written to Burke Magnus, president of ESPN’s programming and original content. Bowlesby claims that the network is trying to break Big 12 by encouraging/promising to incentivize other meetings to expand and poach Big 12 schools. Texas and Oklahoma announced this week that they would withdraw from the meeting in 2025, and then they asked to be invited to the SEC.

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ESPN is the broadcast partner of Big 12. It owes $1.06 billion in broadcast fees for conferences before 2025, but it would not have to pay without Big 12.The disbanded Big 12 will also allow Texas and Oklahoma to not pay the $80 million reported exit fee each

Although all these are serious things, Bowlesby’s graffiti is an unintentional comedy. The Internet tries to decipher them just to laugh.

An example of how Twitter tried to make it the head or tail.

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