Are Others Parents of Picky Eaters? (You don’t want to starve—who doesn’t like anything?) These books for picky eaters will not only entertain your kids, but help them consider trying new foods.


Having said that, I have a child with sensory processing disorder who struggles with texture and taste, and there is no way for her to get her to eat certain foods. She’s not stubborn; it’s a nerve issue, not a provocation. (She, and kids like her, don’t eat when they’re hungry.)

While it’s often tricky for neurotic kids when they’re young, there’s hope that neurotic kids can expand their diets as they get older.

Plus, maybe with enough exposure, kids can find more food to enjoy! (Or maybe just as their taste buds died.)

Books About Picky Eating

picky flamingo
Shelley Vaughan James, illustrated by Matthew Rivera
Lola didn’t want to eat soggy, unpalatable, cloudy shrimp, so she found other foods that kept her feathers from being pink. Finally, her mom convinced Lola to try shrimp – Lola turned pink! Just like she should do.

small peas By Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illustrated by Jen Corace
If only pea ate his candy! If he wants dessert – spinach, he has to take a few bites!

Peyton Picks the Perfect Pie: Thanksgiving Celebration
Jack Bishop, illustrated by Michelle Mee Nutter
Peyton agreed to try a new food for Thanksgiving — pie. Each guest arrives with a different variety of pies — Boston Cream Pie, Whooping Cough Pie, Frilled Milk Pie, Plum Pie, Mississippi Mud Pie and more — to add to Mama Peyton’s Apple Stuffing in the cake.

but i don’t eat ants
Dan Marvin, illustrations by Kelly Fry
He’s an anteater who loves food, everything except ants. He will eat other things. But not ants. In fact, you will see a lot of interesting things he eats. Until dinner time his mother served him something delicious. What will it be? Ants, of course!

I will never stop eating tomatoes
by Lauren Kid
A crowd favorite in my house because everyone can connect. Lola doesn’t want to eat certain foods until her imaginative younger brother, Charlie, comes up with some interesting alternative names, like orange sprigs from Jupiter instead of carrots.

Gregory, terrible eater
By Mitchell Sharmat, illustrated by Jose Aruego and Ariane Dewey
Gregory’s parents were shocked that he preferred non-goat foods such as vegetables. When they took him to the doctor, he started to like pig food. What will his parents do?

Martha Chews
Amalia Hoffman
A silly story about a goat looking for different food leaving the farm to go to a restaurant where she finds delicious food she loves – including table legs and bread baskets.

books for picky eaters
What is cooking?
Joshua David Stein, illustrated by Julia Rothman
What a quirky and interesting book! “If I throw a salad, can I throw a salad?” asked a page. Or “If the turkey is stuffed with stuffing, what else can I stuff?” (answer on the next page: “You can stuff the peppers with rice and cabbage, or even with meat. It’s called a vote.“) It’s a lengthy way to play with food…

coloring book for picky eaters

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