If one of Boston Dynamics, don’t expect a relaxing holiday Atlas robot Chasing you forever. This Modern ownership The company has shared A video of a humanoid robot successfully completing a parkour program in an obstacle course for the first time (below). This pair of Atlas machines skipped gaps, arched beams, and even coordinated backflips without missing a beat-they may be more elegant than you.

This routine requires “months” of development, according to To the company and as a useful test robot‘The ability to maintain balance when switching behaviors and coordinating actions. This is not just the act of canning. Like other recent tests, Atlas now uses visual effects to adapt its movement to the curriculum.

However, don’t worry that the robot will catch up to you soon. Especially the vault has a failure rate of about 50%, and every step has a slight chance of failure. Boston Dynamics said that even the final fist pump did not go smoothly. The company still has to improve motions that are limited by the nature of the robot, such as the lack of a spine and relatively weak arm joints.

For now, Atlas is not a production robot Like spot. This is a research model designed to break through the limits of robotics technology. However, Boston Dynamics does envision that this parkour practice will lead to future assisted robots that can handle a variety of tasks as dexterously as humans. Let us just hope that they keep the good side to us.

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