A long-term food and drink spot in Boston’s financial district has now been locked up, and it has been dark for a while, and there are signs that the future of this place is full of uncertainty.

According to multiple sources, Brandy Pete’s on Franklin Street is still closed and there are no signs of life inside. Checks on its website indicate that it is no longer working and its phone number has also been out of service.One of our sources heard that this restaurant has been permanently closed, and Google has also show In the process of searching for this place, even though our sources in the catering industry have not confirmed that it will be closed forever. Once we discover more information about its exact status, we will post an update here.

Brandy Pete first opened more than 70 years ago, mainly offering new American and classic American cuisine as well as beer, wine and cocktails, especially whiskey.

Brandy Pete’s address is 267 Franklin Street, Boston, MA, 02110.

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