The plan will give priority to women, girls and ethnic minorities who are considered “most at risk” under the Taliban.

According to British news media reports, the United Kingdom has stated that it will accept up to 20,000 Afghans under a new resettlement plan, which will give priority to women, girls, religious and other minorities.

According to a report by The Times on Tuesday, the plan will provide the UK with a safe and legal way for those who are “most likely to suffer from the Taliban’s human rights violations and dehumanization treatment”. It is estimated that approximately 5,000 people will arrive in the UK in the first year.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that the UK “expresses gratitude to everyone who has worked with us in the past 20 years to make Afghanistan a better place. Many of them, especially women, now desperately need our help,” the British media said. .

The British Parliament is scheduled to meet on Wednesday to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “I want to make sure that as a country, we do everything possible to support the most vulnerable groups who have fled Afghanistan so that they can start a new and safe life in the UK.”

“The resettlement plan for Afghan citizens will save lives.”

The international community is studying how to deal with the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. The organization has stated that it will respect women, but despite guarantees, many people worry that women’s rights will quickly collapse.

The United Kingdom has planned to resettle 5,000 people as part of Afghanistan’s resettlement and assistance policy aimed at helping current and former employees of the British government. Since late June, more than 2,000 former Afghan staff and their families have travelled to the UK under this plan.

The Conservative government is facing pressure from opposition parties and charities to explain in detail how to help Afghans.

According to The Times, the new plan was based on the Syrian resettlement plan drawn up by the former Prime Minister David Cameron in 2014. According to the plan, as of February this year, more than 20,000 refugees have moved to the UK. The newspaper added that there is no end date for the Afghan plan, but it is expected that a similar number of people will be involved in the same time frame.

In an article published by Patel in the right-wing Daily Telegraph, she called on other countries to help receive Afghan refugees.

“The UK is also doing everything possible to encourage other countries to help. Not only do we have to lead by example, we cannot do this alone,” she wrote.

The Taliban’s takeover caused chaos at Kabul International Airport on Monday as thousands of Afghans tried to leave — some crowded on the runway, ran side by side with the plane and jumped onto the fuselage.

Since then, the situation in the capital has calmed down and evacuation has resumed.

Since Saturday, Britain has transported 520 people on military flights, including British citizens, diplomats and Afghan staff.

The Ministry of the Interior said in a statement: “The local complex situation means that the implementation of the plan will face major challenges, but the government is working hard to resolve these obstacles.”


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