The authorities of Bucza revealed what it looks like the room where prisoners of war were tortured. Anyone who disagreed with the newly established rules of the temporary occupier and opposed its decisions came here. The basement serving the Russians as a place of execution was filmed by journalists from the Ukrainian editorial office of Deutsche Welle.

A special purpose room was improvised in an underground warehouse without windows. Most of the people who used to go down the stairs on their own usually did not return to the surface anymore. The terrifying scene was recorded by reporters admitted there by local authorities to illustrate the brutality of the Russians. The video was then posted on social media which can be viewed below.

In the middle of an empty and dark room there is a wooden chair, dirty with blood. There are bullet marks on the walls. As you can learn from the recording, right after the liberation of Bucza by the Ukrainian army, the bodies of murdered men in civilian clothes were still lying in the torture chamber. A total of 426 bodies were found.

The way in which the tortured inhabitants were handled was as follows. The Russians covered the faces of the captives with a damp cloth and then poured water over it. This made the victim feel drowning and then chokedsometimes causing cardiac arrest. Such procedures are prohibited by international law.

The torture chambers used by the Russians were mentioned in the OSCE report. Discovery of “several rooms separated by concrete walls” in Bucza was documented in its pages. One of the rooms showed bullet holes – probably executions by shooting were carried out there. The bodies of five men lay in another room “covered with burns, bruises and cuts” – can be read in the report.

Bucha was liberated on March 31. The city located about 25 km from the Ukrainian capital turned out to be extinct, and the whole world saw bodies lying every few meters on its streets. The moving images shocked the public opinion and was evidence of the bestiality of Russian soldiers.

According to official statistics in the Kiev region alone, the invaders murdered 1.5 thousand. Ukrainians, of which as many as 1.1 thousand. the victims were confirmed in the Buczański region. After the “Bucza massacre”, the OSCE released a report which presented evidence of “targeted and organized killings of civilians” by the Russians in the town.