Bugatti By restoring an important part of its recent legacy, it is proven that a car can be considered a classic without wire wheels and carburetor.It bought and refurbished the first Veyron The 16.4 Grand Sport prototype in 2008.

With white silver metal finish, cognac leather upholstery, nude photos Supercar used to be Gift to fans In the 2008 edition Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.It joined the Bugatti team after its champagne soaked debut and became unregistered Demo car Miles were recorded in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Then it may eventually fall into private hands, and until Bugatti discovers it in 2020, it has largely gone unnoticed.

Luigi Galli explained: “After the official confirmation of the car’s status as an important historical model and the launch of the prototype of the Veyron Grand Sport in 2008, the car quickly attracted the attention of many collectors and was almost immediately Acquisition.”, the person in charge Thoroughbred house, Bugatti’s internal restoration and certification program. He added that the company kept details of past models in its files.

Back in the picturesque French town of Morsheim where Bugatti’s headquarters are located, Veyron underwent a four-month restoration to restore it to its 2008 configuration. The body panels were removed and repainted, the cabin was completely refurbished with leather upholstery and aluminum trim, and a new center console was installed. There is no word on whether the four-turbocharged 16-cylinder engine also needs to be overhauled.

Bugatti’s internal restoration expertise goes far beyond relative New car Like Veyron.It has access to a wide range of documents, blueprints, period photos and experts, which can help it piece together a The history of the car, Whether it is a 13-year-old prototype car, or a 100-year-old dismantled racing car hidden in a barn since the 1980s.

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