very clear Minivans are not popular, but it doesn’t seem to matter, depending on which brand. Yes, because there is still room for some countries, real and not figurative, that are still rising. China is one of the larger relatives of SUV fashion that can’t be compared. Do you know the reason for this fact? Well, it’s simple: they value space, and if they have the money, the best way to show it is to buy a very spacious car.

Considering this situation, there are manufacturers such as General Motors who are “taking a share”.the brand they (literally) eat Large high-end MPV market es Buick. And the model you already know: GL8. Maybe you don’t know, it’s been on sale in this country since 1999 and won the hearts of 170,000 customers in 2021 alone. Now, The Buick GL8 awaits its relief with a diverse offer…

Now, the Buick GL8 series is divided into three versions: Avenir, ES and Legacy…

Buick GL8 MY2023

why GM diversifies Buick GL8 offer That’s because it still has all three generations on sale. So, to prevent customers from being “confused” when it comes to choosing which version is best for them, they opted for three versions, each more interesting.This “Access” version Is GL8 future And comes with a refreshed grille with a double chrome pattern (painted blue). Worth mentioning is its optical matrix LED headlights or 18-inch wheels.

This Intermediate level corresponds to GL8 ES (white). This shows off a wing grille with chrome as a decorative detail.This corresponds to the second generation and distances itself from the Avenir, which has premium seats or Integrated dual 12-inch instrument panel. The anti-pinch electric sliding doors on both sides or the AQS air quality control system are also not absent.

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Finally Buick GL8 LegacyThis top of range. It is the latest generation (third generation) and its design is the most refined in its class, appreciated in the treatment of the grille or the tint that adorns the bodywork. Among the whole arsenal of novelties, we can mention adaptive cruise control, side blind spot alert or parking systems. return, Disabled people have power swivel seats.

As for its technology, the Buick GL8 is unchanged. The engine is everything we know, revolving around a block of gasoline, with or without a turbo.The most modern is 2.0-liter turbocharged block with 237 hp and 350 Nm of torqueFor its management, it relies on a 9-speed automatic transmission that sends the engine’s power to the front axle.

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