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We all want to cultivate children’s love of reading.A good way to start is to subscribe Children’s Literati Reading Club.

Build a love of reading with the children’s literati book club

First, subscribe to one Literati Reading Club.

Each box is specially designed for your child’s age-and these books are spectacular. Not only are they outstanding and approved by parents, but children also like these choices.

Get all the details about the items in the literati book box in my previous post.

Your child will get:

    • Five selected age-appropriate books
    • Original art
    • Personalized book accessories
    • And more!

Open the literati box

What should I do after I get the book?

Just like buying a book in a bookstore or borrowing a book in a library, you have many options for sharing books with your children.

  1. Read these books aloud with your children.
    It is helpful to maintain a consistent reading time. Then, sit comfortably on the chair or sofa next to the child so that the child can see the picture-if there is one. Read the title and author of the book and see if your child can predict what will happen to it before diving in. If your child needs to move around, don’t worry-they are still listening, which is important. Use dramatic voices and different voices for each character.
  2. Let your child read books independently.
    It is great to have a comfortable reading point where your child can read a good book. do you have? Make sure you have enough reading opportunities in your schedule. Children need time to read! You need to limit the screen to allow books to have a chance. Children may want to read to you aloud, or they may just read to themselves quietly.

Literati Reading Club

Do you have a place to store new literati books?

Here are 15 bloggers sharing their “bookshelves” This illustrates the different ways of organizing books, including the use of shelves and baskets.

2. Download the Literati App.

The Literati Kids App is available to parents and children!

Use it to view upcoming books, read more information about each book, author, and illustrator, select the books you want, and view the books you have saved.

The application is free — Download on App Store.

After opening the app, you will see this month’s theme (goodwill is healing) and books.

For each book, you can read more information. Read the description of the book, check the price, and read information about the author and illustrator.

Literati application

Next, you can review this book. Does your child like it? Give it a thoughtful comment!

The Literati app can also help moms preview books before their children open the box…just in case they want to take out some as gifts or send back anything later.

Order your first literati bag here.

If you have already subscribed to the Literati Book Club, please comment on your experience below!

Why children and parents like literati book clubs

Build a love of reading with the children's literati book club


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