What keeps you busy may be your reputation for reliability.

The irony is that this kind of very busyness may ruin your reputation. This is one of the reasons why many service providers stumble once they start to get noticed.

Before the crisis comes, you can do two things:

First, say “no”. a lot of. The show you were attending when you were struggling may not be the show you should be attending now. Your reputation for reliability earns you more trust, and this trust allows you to be invited to work with better customers and develop better projects. The cost (benefit) of this is that you need to reject the opportunity that you were willing to accept just now.

Second, tell the truth. It is difficult at first, especially because our self-concept may be based on independence and invulnerability. But reliability does not mean perfect. Means to make it clear.

Two mottos that might help:

“You will give a lot, but you will get more than you give.”


“Our secret is that we will not lie just to get this project.”

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