As expected, jeep Yes Stellantis Electric Vehicle Day, And the brand is expanding its Plug-in hybrid 4xe Large queues, each with 4xe models Crossover and SUV “Part.” We think it means every model, because the most overlapping jeep lineup is compass with traitor, with They have already sold the 4xe version in Europe.

Further evidence that all Jeep models will be equipped with 4xe interiors is that the company confirmed Big with Wagner The model will get a variant. The company pointed out that the Grand Cherokee is a new announcement.Let’s assume they didn’t highlight Wagoneer more clearly because The concept has been shown as a plug-in hybridUnfortunately, neither of them provided detailed information about the power system.This Wrangler Four cylinder Plug-in hybrid The powertrain seems to be a strong competitor because it can produce 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque, and can comfortably move a large SUV.

In addition to 4xe news, Jeep showed a series of futuristic features, may Can be used on jeep. Some of these include drone pairing and autonomous and long-range off-road capabilities. We are not sure how likely it is that all these features will be provided, but the brand will provide some of these features by 2030.

Later in the EV Day presentation, Stellatis mentioned a brand new Jeep off-road EV, a “white space” vehicle, so it will not be any existing vehicle.It shows a bunch of silhouettes, one of which is boxy, reminiscent of Land Rover Defender Or maybe Toyota 4RunnerIn addition, Stellatis will have Body frame EV platform, So we should see the traditional electric jeep in the future.

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