Tokyo Olympics update

The Olympics are different. This is especially true this year: the pandemic has created the conditions for a special Olympics. But even under normal circumstances, an Olympic gold medal is a childhood dream, but winning a world championship is not. Countries also believe in this legend, and their hopes rest on the shoulders of young athletes. Simone Biles knows this better than most, she has won four Olympic gold medals at the age of 24.but she Surprising (partial) exit It is time to spark a discussion about the pressure of athletes, because countries expect their investment to be rewarded and have invested a lot of money to win Olympic medals, which has exacerbated this pressure.

Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympic Games, believes that the most important thing is not victory, but participation.The Olympic spirit may be concealed by the aspirations of various countries Dominate the medal listThe professionalization of sports is to a large extent a force for good, allowing talented young people to realize their potential and reducing the financial sacrifices their families must make. But there may also be another side, from institutionalized doping to the abuse of young athletes selected for hard training, all in the name of victory, regardless of the cost.

bile reflect This system is in many ways: overcoming her childhood in foster care, her superb skills were honed to a world-class level-but she was also sexually abused by Larry Nassar, a doctor of the US gymnastics team. She is nothing but weak. Her decision to withdraw partially based on mental health reasons should be respected, not slandered.

Sustained injuries in gymnastics can be fatal. Julissa Gomez is a sad reminder: The number one gymnast in the United States died after breaking her neck in a 1988 competition. Byers explained that in this week’s routine, she lost her way in mid-air. She was right to quit. Another gold medal is not worthy of potentially fatal injuries.

Her decision is reminiscent of Naomi Osaka Withdraw from the French Open Tennis Championships In June. Osaka, who lit the Tokyo Olympic torch, was another young woman who bluntly explained how the spotlight exacerbated mental health problems.

These Olympics have put tremendous pressure on all athletes. They have to deal with the lack of practical support from their families, lack of spectators and Anticipation of an extra yearBut even in 2022, female athletes must face higher expectations in terms of behavior. The most regrettable thing is that, as women of color, Byers and Osaka have suffered vile racist abuse.

Female athletes are more objective than male athletes. Consider smaller women’s clothing in gymnastics, track and field, or volleyball. They have nothing to do with improving performance, but with attracting attention. The Norwegian beach handball team emphasized this this month and was fined for daring to wear shorts instead of the required bikini briefs.

German gymnasts also decided to wear less revealing sportswear.It must be attributed to the German Gymnastics Federation, which supported their choice and called it a position against the gendering of athletes, clearly linking it to the sexual abuse scandals that shook the sport. Most Especially in the U.S. team, As proved by Byers.

To go further in the Olympics, athletes must have extraordinary physical fitness, competitive spirit and spiritual determination. But they are not supermen. Olympism defines itself as “the promotion and integration of the qualities of body, will and thought into a balanced whole.” This is what the audience and the country should cheer, not at the expense of the welfare of the athletes.

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