On Sunday afternoon, a spectator breathed a sigh of relief outside the Dodger Stadium. After speeding more than six security guards, he was on his way to escape.

He has only one person to beat: the caddie on the right, she has already started to act and becomes the last line of defense.

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She did her job so well that she immediately became a Twitter star.

Sudden free safety (or kicker/punter mentioned on the internet) showed good lateral movement and balance and kept shoulders straight while forcing the game back inside. She may have tried an arm tackle. In any case, the runner quickly climbed over the low wall behind her (a bit like the 12th defender). Security finally caught up and handled the situation from there.

After the incident, the search for “Caddy” produced replays from all angles.

Speaking of doing your job, you know this meme will appear. If it is unpredictable, Twitter is useless.

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