The Dixie fire in northern California has now spread to more than 1,807 square kilometers, controlling only 21%.

According to reports, at least eight people were missing because a historic wildfire continued to sweep northern California, destroying hundreds of houses and burning entire communities while firefighters tried to control the fire.

The Purmas County Sheriff’s Office said on Saturday that it had received reports of “eight unaccounted persons” in connection with the Dixie fire. The fire has now spread to an area of ​​1,807 square kilometers (698 square miles), accounting for only 21. %.

Five of the missing were from the old mining town of Greenville, about 257 kilometers (160 miles) north of Sacramento. The flames razed most of its city center to the ground On Thursday and Friday, 268 houses and buildings were destroyed in the northern Sierra Nevada and nearly 14,000 buildings were threatened.

Greenville, with a population of 800, was founded more than 150 years ago when the nearby gold mine attracted settlers and businessmen to the picturesque town of the Indian Valley. Most of its city center was burned to ashes by the fire, which also destroyed the small town of Canyon Dan.

Friday, wildfire Became the third largest state in California history Because the flame spreads in high temperature and strong wind.

But officials said on Saturday that the cool, calm weather provided firefighters with much-needed rest periods, and the situation is expected to continue until Sunday.

“We expect the fire behavior to be the same as yesterday, and quite mild,” said Jack Kagle, the head of the firefighter department, in a briefing.

At the same time, wildfires brought devastating losses to local residents, who lost everything when they quickly fled.

After being homeless for four years, when she found a job cooking in a restaurant and moved into a house in Greenville, she thought she had finally gained a foothold.

But she told the Associated Press that in just one night, wildfires swept the mountain city and “take it all away.” “We knew that we did not get enough rain and fires might occur, but we did not expect such a monster to appear.”

Experts say Climate change fuels extreme weather events Such as wildfire and flood.

In recent weeks, huge wildfires have destroyed American communities, Canada, Turkey and Greece, In other parts of the world, prompting people to call on governments to formulate specific plans to solve this problem.

Houses and cars destroyed by the Dixie line of fire in downtown Greenville on August 5 [Noah Berger/AP Photo]

California’s fire season is expected to exceed last year, which is the worst fire season in state history on record.

According to state fire data, since the beginning of this year, more than 6,000 fires have destroyed more than 3,260 square kilometers (1,260 square miles) of land-more than three times the loss during the same period in 2020.

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