“The number is changed!” Callum Wilson beamed. During the Club Media Day, he sat on the new Newcastle Avenue, proudly showing off the number 9 on his jersey.

For some people, this may seem like a small thing, but for forwards like Wilson, it means something. Especially in this club.

Wilson encouraged Jolinton to move to seventh place, liberating the iconic shirts worn by Alan Shearer, Jackie Milburn and Malcolm McDonald in the past, and believes that this can inspire him to do something special Things.

Considering the timing of the transfer from Bournemouth last September, Wilson has not yet participated in a competitive game in front of Newcastle supporters in St James’ Park-but he is determined to give them some memorable moments in the upcoming campaign.

“I want to wear size 9. This is a big deal for the club,” he said. “I will make sure I am proud of this shirt, that’s for sure. It is an iconic number, and it would be impolite to not try to wear it, experience it and treat it fairly.

“A lot of great people wore it before me. If I can put on that shirt, put it on, and treat those people fairly, then these fans will always remember you.”

Wilson missed several preseason games, but insisted that he “feels healthy and strong” in the new season, and he will strive to surpass last year’s 12 Premier League goals.

His health may be the key. Wilson ranked fifth in conversion rate among forwards who scored more than 10 goals last season, but missed a third of the season due to thigh and hamstring problems.

“I only made 23 starts or similar games,” he said. “It’s a bit frustrating. Missing 15 games is a bit disappointing, but we are working hard this year to ensure that we can participate in as many games as possible.

“My job conversion rate is very good, so if I play another 15 games, it will bring me close to 20 goals. This is the plan for this year: play as many games as possible and keep the standard when I have a chance, Keep it clinical and complete.”

He also hopes that there will be more opportunities to appear in front of him. Newcastle played in the back foot for a long time last season, with only four teams creating fewer opportunities. But when Wilson and Alan St. Maximin were healthy and able to fly in the last few months, they looked different. Obviously Wilson likes to play with the French.

“Allen is an amazing genius,” Wilson said. “When he is on the court, he attracts so many players to him, I can move on the blind side of the defender and avoid obstacles. Then when he raises his head, set myself free and allow him to pass the ball.”

Wilson’s World Cup dream

Wilson scored a goal for England’s national team debut in November 2018

If this pair can be combined on a regular basis, this will be a major impetus for Newcastle and boss Steve Bruce. But it will also make Wilson make headlines again-with the World Cup approaching, this is exactly where he wants.

The striker had to play the role of a supporter in this summer’s European Championship. He was there, at Wembley Stadium, cheering for England in the penalty shoot-out final that they lost to Italy. Although he enjoyed this experience, it only strengthened his return to Gareth Sosgay. Special plan wishes.

“As a football fan, as an England fan, this is incredible for me,” said Wilson, who has played four times for the national team and scored in his international debut against the United States. . “It’s nice to watch.

“I can’t wait to be one of them on the pitch, play in the middle of the pitch and experience the atmosphere. But that doesn’t mean that this year, as a fan, I’m there to cheer the boys together to celebrate, yell and sing. .Very good, a different experience.

“Sometimes you don’t actually realize how much this means to the people in the crowd because you are on the court. I have to see the other side of it. When you are on the court, everyone is very enthusiastic, You know what this means.

“I left the stadium, eager to succeed and become a part of it again. For me, this is definitely the goal. One of my ambitions this year is to focus on Newcastle every week, make sure I play a stable performance, and then look at this Does it come from behind the outstanding performance here.”

Sunday, August 15 at 1:00 PM

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Wilson believes he can convince Southgate that he can play a role in Qatar next November.

“If I don’t believe in myself, I will never go so far in football,” he said. “You must continue to believe.

“There are not many players on the team who manage the channel and run behind like me. I think I can add another dimension and complement the other forwards there, as I have done in the past.

“If you don’t bring something different, you won’t be in the team for about 18 months, all your talents have been shown.

“I firmly believe that if I work hard and focus on my performance here, I should eventually get me on the stage in England.”

Wilson enjoys the opportunity to play in front of Newcastle fans

Callum Wilson scored twice, Newcastle beat Leicester
Wilson scored 12 Premier League goals in his first season in Newcastle

But for now, the main focus is to provide Newcastle with the No. 9 jersey. The first is their Premier League opener against West Ham at home, which will be broadcast live on Sky Sports on Sunday.

For the club, this will be a special moment, the St. James Park is full of people, Wilson hopes to quickly start a positive season. In the preseason game against Doncaster, after he finally scored in front of the supporters, he was happy to have the opportunity to show his first-hand information to the club’s fans.

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Wilson said it was a great feeling to wear the No. 9 jersey for Newcastle after Newcastle defeated Doncaster 3-2 in the pre-season friendly.

“For us as a club and a team, we need to work hard every year. We made progress in league rankings last year, and then we have to move forward again,” he said. “As a club, as a team, in our team’s departments, we need to continue to grow. For us, this year, we hope to make persistent efforts on the basis of the previous season. We hope to achieve higher results than ours. Break into the top 10.

“But we will finish every game at once and take it slow. This is a long-term goal, but we have to figure out how we get there. The process is hard work game by game.

This is an iconic fan base. I came in and scored goals, which was great, but now I want to do it with them and share those moments.

Callum Wilson finally played in front of Newcastle fans

“It’s kind of frustrating [not playing in front of the fans] But you must be as professional as possible. You know there is an iconic fan base here, and they all watch it in the beer garden or on the TV at home. I came in and scored goals, which was great, but now I want to do it with them and share those moments.

“I haven’t experienced how they feel as home players. I have played against Newcastle in the past and their voices are very nice, so I look forward to it and enter the stadium with the players who cheer for us. I hope we can too They are proud.”

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