Anxious, Newton.

Cam Newton’s tenure with the Patriots ended unceremoniously on Tuesday, and the Patriots chose to release the veteran in a shocking move. With Newton’s departure, the New England team will rookie quarterback Mike Jones as the starter for the first week.

Unfortunately for Newton, his start in the NFL feels almost exhausted. More than a week before the start of the NFL season, the league had no real starting job, and Newton’s most likely way to get a snapshot as a starter would be as a substitute somewhere.

If Newton is considered again as he enters the season, here are his best landing spots:

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QB room: Tyrod Taylor (QB1), Davis Mills, DeShawn Watson

In the turmoil and uncertainty of DeShawn Watson’s position in the league and the team, Houston can definitely avoid introducing an experienced starter.

Although Houston selected Davis Mills of Stanford University in the 2022 NFL Draft, this choice felt more like a lottery draft than a true future passer.

If Watson is suspended this season as speculated and reported, Houston may turn to Newton as a starter. For now, if Newton really wants to start in the league and squeeze the last bit of football from his body, this may be the wisest position.

Houston provided Newton with the best chance to start his first year and played well as he continued to move forward.


QB room: Jalen Hurts (QB1), Joe Flacco, Gardner Minshew II

Obviously, no one likes the quarterback controversy more than “QB Factory” and Philadelphia general manager Howie Rothman. If the Gardner Minshew deal does not consolidate this, then the next step may be to add Newton to an unremarkable QB room.

Now, the non-special QB room in Philadelphia is made up of second-year passers Jalen Hertz, Joe Flacco, and Minxiu. There seems to be some serious fears surrounding Hertz’s status as a true chartered quarterback. At least, he is not the starter chosen by Nick Sirianni, at most it is a stopgap measure for the Eagles to make long-term plans.

As Sirianni enters his first year as the head coach of Philadelphia, Newton offers an immediate boost to replacement options Flacco and Minshew, and if Hurts ends up injured or very, very badly, he may become a veteran starting role.

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Washington football team

QB room: Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB1), Taylor Haynick, Kyle Allen

Although Ron Rivera has the opportunity to reunite with Newton, now may be the best time for him to board the plane.

Washington may be a good sneaky team in 2022, if their 2020 season is any sign of future success. With first-class defense and an offense composed of multiple organizers (Terry McLaughlin, Curtis Samuel), WFT may be in a leading position and can play in the NFC East.

The end of the Ryan Fitzpatrick cycle is also imminent: After a stable year in Miami, Fitzpatrick feels he should return (again). If this happens, Newton can be a reliable choice for Fitzpatrick on the bench.

This also helps Rivera and Newton have considerable history and familiarity with each other.


QB room: Dark Prescott (QB1), Cooper Rush

The Cowboys released cult heroes Bendinucci and Garrett Gilbert on Tuesday. With Duck Prescott’s ankle injury very serious, the QB room can use some help behind Prescott, especially Super Bowl or bust expected. Prescott also missed the training camp due to a shoulder injury, which is not necessarily the best omen.

Newton will provide Dallas with what the intensive competition team wanted in January: an experienced starter with playoff experience. Since Dallas may also depend on the healthy Ezekiel Elliott, if Prescott does fall for a long time, Newton will not have to do much. With three excellent wide receivers (Michael Gallup, Amari Cooper and Sidi Lamb), Newton will have one of the best support skills positions in his career.


QB room: Lamar Jackson (QB1), Tres McSorley, Taylor Huntley

With a fierce offense in Baltimore, and the quarterback has dealt with two coronaviruses (and does not seem to want to be vaccinated), this seems to be a very good game for both parties.

Although Newton’s vaccination situation in New England is reported to be very fragmented, if Baltimore wants to maximize the chances and increase its QB depth after Jackson, Newton will rank after another former league MVP.

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