No one imagined that the renewal of Fútbol Club Barcelona would touch Jordi Alba and Gerard Piqué so quickly. During the past season they were important for Xavi Hernández, but now they have gone into the background. In this sense, Carles Puyol spoke and sent them a message in the midst of a situation that he experienced with ‘Tata’ Martino.

Not even Christensen, who arrived as one of the best signings, is starting with the Tarrasa coach. The Dane was left out of the game against Valladolid due to a fever, but Koundé appeared and everything fell into place for Xavier. Araújo and García are his central defenders for the moment, the Frenchman will be right back and Christensen the first substitute.

Where is the role of Piqué? He will have to advise the new figures to enter the culé climax as soon as possible, although the victories are helping a lot for that. Now, when Bellerín grabs the right zone, Piqué will remain as the third option in the rear. The same is happening with Jordi Alba.

The words of Carles Puyol

The DT did not like his match against Rayo Vallecano in the debut for La Liga and the following three games the young Alejandro Balde took his place. The 18-year-old responded in a great way and does not want to let go of the position. Marcos Alonso joined to be Barça’s left back and everyone trembles because they don’t know what the Catalan coach will decide. Puyol touched on that topic.

Xavi will need his experience for the UEFA Champions League, Rayo, Real Sociedad, Valladolid and Sevilla are not the same as playing for Giuseppe Meazza against Inter Milan. Nor will it be the same as facing Bayern Munich at both the Camp Nou and the Allianz Arena. The real challenges come soon and you will have to decide between the new ones, the youth or the experience.

«How to face the role of substitute depends on each one. But over the years you change your perspective and you understand that from the outside you can also help. If I didn’t play I could get angry but in my last year I already told Tata (Martino) not to put me and put someone else. I thought that Bartra needed more minutes in case I couldn’t play. I’m sure they’ll look out for the good of the team”, said ‘León’ Puyol.

Did you contact them?

“I haven’t talked to them. Players are competitive and winners. They have to train to the maximum, I am convinced that the team will need them. They have to be ready to perform when the team needs them,” he added.

About Piqué’s previous season

“He played many games injured, forced and that pays off. The team has strengthened very well in defense but Piqué is a great player and if he is one hundred percent he will be very important for the team. He can also bring a lot of experience in the locker room », he concluded.