Do you suffer from sleep-related problems or insomnia? Have you tried everything and nothing works? Maybe you’re wondering if CBD can help you with sleep problems? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In our CBD sleep stress guide, we’ll tell you how CBD can help those with sleep problems. And the best CBD strains that can help you improve your sleep schedule in no time!

How can CBD help improve your sleep schedule?

Numerous studies have been conducted to show that CBD can actually help you if you have sleep-related problems or suffer from anxiety.1

The properties of the cannabinoid CBD have been shown to help relieve stress, and as you might expect, this can greatly improve your sleep schedule. Stress can negatively affect sleep because cortisol levels rise, which raises your heart rate, making you more alert and awake, which is your body’s response to stressors.

By reducing the effects of CBD stress, cortisol will no longer be produced at exactly the same rate, and you’re more likely to fall asleep when you need it – rather than burn out.

In fact, CBD acts like a sedative due to its effect on cortisol levels. Certain elements of CBD are known to make consumers sleepy. Whether you’re having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or falling asleep, you may find that CBD can help.

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid

As with the classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series, when shopping for CBD flowers, you can choose from indica, alfalfa, or a hybrid. Unlike most CBD products, you really can’t choose which cannabis plant you’ll be consuming to help you get a good night’s sleep if not all CBD flowers or CBD prerolls.

indica rice

Strains of the indica variety are thought to allow you to sit on the couch, zone out or enter depending on your vibe, and relax. The plant itself has wider leaves that are stouter and shorter than the alfalfa strain.

Indica strains tend to have more CBD than sativa strains, but THC levels are not necessarily affected by this fact.

Alfalfa strain

Sativa strains grow taller and have thinner leaves than their indica cousins, and strains of this variety tend to give you more of the vibe to get out and do something. Wanting to take a yoga class or be more active than a sativa strain is what you’re looking for.

As for the dosage for the CBD to THC ratio, these plants tend to have higher THC and lower CBD percentages.

Hybrid strains

As the name suggests, hybrid strains are a mix of indica and sativa strains. Each Hybrid strain is a blend of two different strains, so the percentage of CBD and THC content varies depending on how the strain is produced.

Since each Hybrid strain is a cross between different strains, each strain may have a different feel or effect on the body.

CBD Sleeping Strains

Now that you know which strain is better later in the day when you want to relax and count some sheep, we’ll point you in the right direction as to which strain to buy.


Budda Kush is known for having two key elements. The first is its unique flavor, which is delicious chocolate and coffee. Another factor is that many people choose Budda Kush because of its muscle-relaxing properties.

Many people compare eating Budda Kush to feeling like your body is gradually relaxing. Our brand partner Green Unicorn Farms sells some of the most delicious CBD flowers on the market, and their Bubba Kush flowers contain 17.1% CBD. If you want a quality night’s rest, look no further.

northern lights

Aurora Borealis is actually a mix of Afghan and Thai. If you’re interested in breaking out after a stressful day while still wanting to lift your mood a little, Northern Lights Stress might be the way to go. Usually containing high levels of CBD, we’re talking 20% ​​or more, this strain has some very mellow qualities that help you relax and in turn take it for a proper night’s rest.

Another brand we love, Chef Botanicals offers Northern Lights from as little as 4 grams to a pound!

Secret OG

If you like staring at your buds and getting some satisfaction from a visual standpoint while also getting some very beneficial relaxation and sleepiness, the Secret OG might be just what you’re looking for. The buds have a beautiful blend of purple and silver, with plenty of icing, along with a hint of earthy lemon scent. With 17% CBD, you’ll get a ton of CBD that’s just what you’re looking for.

Secret Nature sells 100% organic Secret OG, which you can pick from an eighth to an ounce of this beautiful-looking, delicious-tasting CBD flower.

and kush

One of the original strains, OG Kush, is the go-to choice for many when it comes to receiving some therapeutic CBD effects. With a high CBDa profile, OG Kush provides a relaxing, sleepy feeling while delivering an aroma that makes your nose want more!

Cannaflower offers some high-quality CBD flowers and prerolls, including the OG Kush you’ll love.


Another home run Cannaflower offers is the Remedy strain, a popular choice for those with insomnia. This strain is popular due to its high levels of caryophyllene and myrcene. Remedy is a blend of Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk that work together to help reduce any chronic pain or inflammation you may be dealing with. So if chronic pain is the reason for your sleepless nights, Remedy could be your CBD stress.

Side Effects of Using CBD

For an in-depth look at possible CBD side effects, check out this article

As with many new treatments you may decide to try to help you sleep better, consuming CBD can have some side effects. The keys we want to guide you are:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should know that while there is a lot of research on CBD and the World Health Organization (WHO) has given the green light to CBD’s safety, not enough research has been done to ensure that it is safe for a fetus. Not negatively affected by maternal consumption of CBD.
    Also, since most, if not all, CBD products produced do not state which strain is used in the product, the only real way to know that you are consuming an indica strain is to smoke a CBD flower or a CBD pre-cigarette to identify the strain.
  • If you’re new to CBD, you should know that CBD may have a sleepy effect, which should be obvious considering this article is about CBD strains for sleep. That being said, you should understand the effects of CBD on you before operating a vehicle or operating any machinery.
  • General long-term risk. Similar to the risks of pregnancy and breastfeeding, there is an overall limit to the number of studies done on the long-term side effects of consuming CBD. It mostly has to do with whether you plan to incorporate CBD into your diet and lifestyle long-term.

in conclusion

There are some great takeaways from finding sleep-friendly CBD stress for you. We’ve only listed five CBD strains that you should be concerned about. There are more, and the number is growing! As mentioned, CBD product labels often don’t list the CBD strain used, so the only way to try a specific CBD strain is to consume CBD flowers or CBD cigarettes, and there aren’t many ways around that fact. The CBD industry is just getting started, so who knows, maybe in the future brands will start making products around specific strains and you can eat the strain you want in your CBD gummies!

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