Central Arizona College will provide free tuition for all Pinal County residents in the upcoming academic year to recruit more students.

The program will pay for any tuition fees remaining after applying for financial aid and scholarships. Eligible students can take an unlimited number of credits in the fall semester of 2022 and the spring semester of 2022, and students who have paid tuition will receive a refund.

The community college will use part of the $12 million it receives for federal COVID-19 relief funds, Report KJZZ, the National Public Radio in Phoenix.

“I think this will be a way to increase our enrollment rate, a way to advertise to the community,’We are back, we are open, come here, free of tuition. Now is the time to take advantage of it,'” the college’s vice president of finance Chris Wodka told KJZZ.

Students who do not live in Pinal County will also receive tuition waivers for three course credits in the fall semester.

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