Anti-channel car detective in November 2019 Boz Tatarevich searched through common documents Piece together what is considered Corvette The mixing ratio is closer to the basic model rumor 1,000 horsepower Hybrids A super sports car that can be called “Zora”. Intel finally began to paint a picture this year, which allows us to enter the approximate range of recognizable production cars that may be called E-Ray.Spy photos from earlier this month were found A set of Corvettes tests The only similar hybrid performance car currently on the market, which will be available soon Acura NSXThe camouflaged Corvettes are assumed to hide the electric motor, and the overall output is considered stable at around 550 or 600 hp. Muscle cars and trucks report E-Ray will gain more power, and the total output will be “close to 650 horsepower.”

This number will come from the undisturbed LT2 6.2-liter V8, which has 495 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. The “electric front axle” will contribute the rest through its electric motor. MCT The number of motors is not specified, but if E-Ray obtains clues from related hybrid performance power systems, such as NSX, BMW i8, with Ferrari SF90 Stradale, There will be two motors in front. MCT Say that the previous system is described by engineers as an “electronic booster”, Car trend report Starting earlier this year, its output power is about 215 horsepower. This is enough to meet the total 650 horsepower of the system.The front axle will be separated when it is not needed and called when performance needs it, similar to Audi E-Tron uses a single motor on its front axle. According to the report, the front wheels can tow the E-Ray for 25 to 35 miles with electricity alone.small Battery It is not expected to charge through the plug, but through regeneration.

Considered a replacement for Grand Sport, the E-Ray shown provides more features in this part of the lineup. The Grand Sport is located above the entry-level Corvette and below the Z06. Its horsepower is the same as a standard car equipped with Z06 performance components, and the price is somewhere in between. E-Ray abandoned this type of calculus because it is rumored that the electric all-wheel drive has more horsepower than the Z06-the latest power of the Z06 is about 617 horsepower. If all of this is true, it seems inevitable that E-Ray will beat Z06 in straight acceleration. However, it is said that E-Ray’s goal is a grand tour like Grand Sport. As a monster focused on the track, Z06 may be the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 entering the production stage and will be honed to beat E-Ray on the track. E-Ray and Z06 will get The same wider body and larger rolling stock, But E-Ray does not have the Z06’s mid-exhaust exhaust, nor does it have Michelin’s super glue pilot Sports cup 2 R tires. MCT Said hybrid cars will stick to the Pilot Sport All Season 4 and Pilot Sport 4S basketball hoop available on the basic Stingray.

As we all know, delays affecting all industries may have changed the debut of E-Ray. It is thought that it will be launched as a 2023 model later next year, or in 2023, with a starting price of less than $100,000.

If in a whisper Car trend Confidential report It is believed that 2024 will be a bigger first time, when Chevrolet The electric Corvette crossover was first launched on the Ultium platform as a “four-door, four-seater, performance adjustment cross The key design clues of the mid-engine C8, “maybe challenged on a four-door electric Corvette car Porsche Taikang.

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