Chevrolet California Dealer Whose technician is Racing Dodge Charger on the street In the customer’s C8 Corvette Succeeded by allowing the owner Trade-in His car is replaced by the dealer—tax and all expenses.

Earlier this summer, the client brought his 2021 Corvette to Fremont Chevrolet The diagnostic engine is ticking, and it turns out to be just loose Spark plug. When the customer retrieved the car, he found that the performance data recorder (PDR) valet mode of the car recorded a technician at the dealership driving the car after finishing work.

driver (The initial incident was also reported) catch up Contacted with the owners and distributors this week and they all expressed satisfaction with the results. The customer took the 2022 Corvette home for free and left his 2021 model.

It is not uncommon to adjust the drive to verify the repair. If the powertrain is the center of the problem, we even hope that the technicians will explore the engine speed range (after warming up, of course). But the impromptu 148 mph street race is not what we—or C8 owners, for that matter—think.


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