Bolt EV prices drop. A Biden administration could get more ethanol into the fuel pump. Volvo EV interface will become faster. The company that has invested the most in wireless charging claims that customers want it as an option.this and more, here Green Car Report.

Chevrolet has announced significant price reductions for the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV, with price cuts of around $6,000 for the entire lineup. It helps make room for the upcoming Equinox EV and delivers on the brand’s commitment to EVs amid an ongoing battery recall. Leaving aside the EV tax credit, that makes the Bolt EV the lowest-priced EV of the 2023 model year in the U.S. market to date.

Could more ethanol help lower gasoline prices? A Biden administration could retroactively blend ethanol into the nation’s pump gasoline ahead of the June 3 rulemaking deadline. Ethanol interests claim that converting 33% E10 (10% ethanol) gasoline to E15 could replace gasoline made from 100% Russian oil – although there are still plenty of environmental and regulatory hurdles to make this a national reality Target.

Wireless charging company WiTricity claims that most EV shoppers or owners want wireless charging as an option. In a company-sponsored survey, it found the feature outperformed other advanced features like self-driving features or advanced audio. However, WiTricity has yet to give a price point for the hardware.

And Fortnite creator Epic Games is applying its Unreal Engine for graphics to upcoming Volvo EVs with sharper interfaces, such as the flagship Volvo due later this year. Volvo says it’s the first European brand to use the system, but it’s already adopted by the GMC Hummer EV’s “moonshot” interface.


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