Introduce your child to books about musical instruments with good children’s books!

From classical to jazz, from piano to trumpet, these books show children a variety of musical genres, sounds and instruments.

Children’s books about musical instruments

In lost and found, items are found by the sounds they make.A mouse is looking for something “dudu”! beep! beep!“A bicycle horn, a trumpet, or a train? It’s a trumpet! You’ll love the loud noises as you help animals find lost things. Smart-looking illustrations.”

play the book
Jessica Young, illustrated by Daniel Wiseman
Learn about the instruments in the band – guitars, cymbals, drums, hammers. Use your imagination and illustrations to strum guitar, hit beats, and hit piano keys with your thumbs.

See and Learn: Let’s Make Music

Learn about different instruments and their sounds through photos and simple text. An interesting introduction to the different instruments and how they are played!

potty music
by Guido van Genechten
Go on a whimsical musical adventure with animals using the potty… interesting A song effect similar to a potty but an actual instrument. Each page has a note to press and play music.
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my mozart music book
Natasha Godot, illustrated by Anne-Catherine Bell
Read this oversized board to introduce kids to Mozart and his music. Each page has beautiful illustrations, a few sentences about Mozart, and a button to listen to his music.

Family Dynamics: Embrace Your Voice
Courtney Warwell Woodward
Violin searches music stores to find what she hears. She met families of woodwinds, percussion, brass and strings.

A for the alphabet of the oboe orchestra
Authors: Lera Auerbach and Marilyn Nelson, Illustrations: Paul Hoppe
Learn about the orchestra with poetry entries from A to Z. The vocabulary for each letter is in bold, but there is no glossary behind to detail the meaning of the letter. cute illustration.
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Claire Nate and Trumpet
Melanie Ellsworth, illustrated by John Herzog
This is a lovely and funny story about friendship and… musical instruments! Trumpet and clarinet are good friends who make harmonious music together. Until Ober arrives. Soon, brass and woodwinds each collected more instruments. When the saxophone arrives, it sounds better for both parties to see them together.

Ada’s Violin: The Story of Paraguay’s Recycled Orchestra
Susan Hood, Sally Wern Comport
Ada dreams of playing the violin. The Paraguayan Recycling Orchestra was born when a music teacher helped her students make musical instruments out of materials from the trash, and Ada fulfilled her dream.

Sonny Rollins plays bridge
Illustrated by Gary Golio, Illustrated by James Ransome
Lyrical and poetic, the text in this gorgeous photo shows Sonny Rollins’ passion for his saxophone. Armed with the saxophone, he spent his days on the Williamsburg Bridge, where he could play whatever he wanted. He accompanies the hustle and bustle of the city; the clinking subway cars, the bass of a tugboat, and the screeching seagulls.
Children's books about musical instruments
The Birth of Cool: How Jazz Superstar Miles Davis Finds His Voice
Kathryn Cornell Berman, illustrated by Keith Henry Brown
Rhythmic Free Verse captures important moments in Miles Davis’ life growing up in New Orleans, getting his first trumpet at 13, embracing the energy of pop, attending Juilliard, failing Perform with success, follow in Dizzy’s footsteps, then find your own style and lead your own team.

Children's books about musical instruments

Story Orchestra: The Magic Flute Jessica Courtney-Tickle Illustration
Prince Tamino broke into the palace of the Sun King in order to rescue the Night Queen’s princess. He played the magic flute to charm the court and rescue the princess. When you read a retelling of an opera, press a button to hear Mozart’s score.

Welcome to Jazz: A Swing Celebration of American Music
Caroline Sloan, Illustrated by Jessica Gibson
Three kitty friends are excited to hear a jazz band in New Orleans. Each page introduces jazz vocabulary words and their meanings such as groove, beat, melody, scatting, melody and improv. The cats discuss music and more facts that correspond to numbers 1 to 12. You’ll hear banjo, tuba, trumpet and double bass as well as riffs, clarinet solos and call responses.

Rhodes’ conversational voice and writing style make the wealth of information about classical composers very easy to read in a fluid and lively manner. Brilliant colors and designs will captivate readers as it brings the composer’s theme into the modern world.

Handmade: Guitar
by Patricia Larkin
This book about the guitar has an eye-catching design and interesting information, including the history of the instrument, background on making electric guitars, full-color photos, diagrams, a timeline, and more.
Children's books about musical instruments

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