The global shortage of semiconductor chips is a big problem for many industries, including the automotive industry, which is why many automakers have to Adjust their production plan because Inadequate supply.

BMW has previously stated Not expecting a recovery Soon, it warned that the shortage would continue in the second half of 2022. Now, Renault CEO Luca De Mayo reveals that he has the same view, although he expects the problem to continue into next year.

According to reports European Automotive NewsDe Mayo recently stated at a hearing in the French parliament that the shortage is “a structural issue that will accompany us until 2022.” “Even if production capacity is increasing, the system will be strained,” he added.

The French automaker is still reducing production, but de Meo pointed out that what is frustrating is the inconsistency in the industry because the visibility of supply “changes every week.” In view of this situation, De Mayo expects Renault’s production this year to drop by at least 100,000 vehicles, but he declined to comment further.

During the pandemic lockdown in several countries, consumer demand for electronic equipment surged, resulting in a shortage of semiconductor chips.This not only leads to Reduce car production And longer delivery times, but that’s why it’s hard to find a shiny new Nvidia RTX graphics card or PlayStation 5 in inventory.

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